Looking for knowledge and advice

I had a double masectomy on April 18th, I am now starting chemo on the 23rd , having port put in tomorrow. I am also due radiation after and have expanders in,looking for expander advice and Chemo!! Does the cold cap work??? This whole process has changed me already!


Morning Jgrassa
You have definitely come to the right place for advice, this forum has been a lifeline to many of us in the same situation.
I can’t give advice re expanders but I am due to have my 6th chemo cycle next Tuesday and then rads starting in June. I would suggest that you join the may monthly thread and find ladies who are going through the challenges with you. I have gained so much support from the February group, they feel like a group of special friends. Also have a look at some of the earlier monthly threads they are full of advice and tips.
For more specific advice try using the search at the top of the page it will quickly lead you to postings about your questions.
Just beaware that you are not alone through all this, there are a lot of us out here who really understand.
Sending a virtual hug

Hi Jgrassa, you can find us on the Chemotherapy monthly thread - Anybody want to be my chemo buddy? Start May 9. We would love to see you there! xxx

Hi Jgrassa, yes the cold cap works - if you have it fitted carefully. I had single mx and implant but it got infected so was removed during chemo (dec 14).

I had an expander put in in May 15 between chemo and rads. It was filled about 6 weeks later once scars were healed and less than a week pre rads.

Rads in July 15 - had to have a little saline removed as the skin tightened during rads and put pressure on the scar.

I had the expander replaced with permanent implant in March this year. My surgeon wanted to wait at least 6 months post rads to allow skin to heal.

Any questions, please feel free to ask away it pm me xxx