looking for people locally to chat to/mutual support - Oxted

Hi - I’m new to the site - just started having FEC for breast cancer after lumpectomy and lymph node clearance. I’m doing pretty well really - but wondered if there was anyone out there local to me going through the same or similar - who might want to consider mutual support, the odd chat, coffee or a gentle stroll sometimes?
I live in Oxted, Surrey. Look forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested - but can see that even if not, the forums will be a great support.
Karen x

Hi and welcome Karen - not a lot of help for the meeting up(I live in rural Cornwall) bit but there is a thread - re Anyone strating chemo round 15th July - lots of us in same boat just started or had a couple FEC - Hope you find a loal support but if not - there’s always us!

Love and take care - Chebsy x

Hi karen,

I am very local to you - just down the road at Newchapel. I am not quite in the same position as you are however as I have been at this game now for 18 years but am up for a chat any time if you would find it helpful.


My mum lives in Westerham and she met Dawnhc in hospital, she might be happy to meet up with you both for coffee and a chat somewhere nice!

Jules xx

Hi all
Thanks so much for replying and your support - it’s really good to know there are people going through the same ‘out there’!

I’m just off for my first foray since starting to lose my hair - a small scarf this time - not quite ready for the wig. I ski with a big group of friends and this is our annual summer BBQ - first time i have seen them since diagnosis - so a bit nervous. Knowing you are all out there helps!

I’l be in touch in the week with all of you to say Hi - and make contact.

Karen x