Looking for some hope..

Hi all,


This is the first time I’m posting on here.  I was dx in July 2010 and since then had lampectomy, 6 cycles of chemo and radio.  I finished all my treatment in Juny 2011 and since then I’d been on Tamoxifen until October last year where I convinced my oncologist to allow me to stop taking the tablets to try for a baby.  We’ve officially been trying now for 9 months including a cycle of IVF (had the first part before chemo) with no success.  I am not pretty much out of time to keep trying as will need to go back on the tablets and I’m feeling extremely low.  I feel like not only my body has betrayed me by it getting cancer but also now won’t actually do something that it’s designed for.  I know that sounds a bit silly, but struggling to see it any other way.  I’ve had all sorts of blood tests to make sure there was nothing fertility wise stopping me and there doesn’t seem to be anything, it’s just not happening.  I guess I’m hoping that there are others out there who couldn’t get pregnant quickly but managed it in the end?  If so, did they have anything specific done/happen?  I know I’m not supposed to stress and worry about it but probably have more chance of winning the lottery than that happening…  I’ve been positive all throughout this since the start but I’m kinda at the end of reserves now I guess…


Apologies about the ramble, not sure who else could understand this though other than in here.




Hi just read your thread, first of all what an amazing person going through your treatment!!! my advise would be stop thinking about conceiving ( I know its really really hard!!) but once your body relaxes i’m sure it will happen the same happened with me I was trying and trying and when I give up trying and thinking it happened!! I hope you get a bundle of joy very soon xx