looking for the diet thread?

Can anyone put me in the right direction of the join me on a diet thread.
I spent over 10 mins looking for it this morning (i even did a search which doesnt seem to work) and i cant find it any where.
Getting so fed up with this stupid system.

Hi if your screen is same as mine, it is on this page u are on, about five postings down

All the best


Go to Forums and search on Diet. I think the one you want is the 4th one in the list.

It was the 4th, now 5th with my previous posting and will be 6th with this so 2nd after you discount these recent postings!!

Hi Pineapple

You are in the right section, just 4 or 5 postings down. I have put the link up for you.


Best wishes

Thank you annabel, i did look down this cat but coudnt see it buried amongst everything else.
Maybe we could have another cat for example ‘where is?’ this would be helpfull to say the least