Looks like i now have Arthritis now....

I have been to the hospital to have my check up ended up being there for hours.I am still in remission which is great and i am grateful for… No cancer that is OK but they have written a letter to my doctors saying that i need to be referred about my stomach and the fact that my xrays show the pain i have been getting appears to be Arthritis.Lower back and hip.
Just couldn’t believe it went home shocked and the angry. The best is to come when i go to my GP she says well it is not cancer…why do they always say that. No point in sending you to the hospital they always over react!!!
Can give me nothing for pain until they sort my stomach out which i can understand but the icing on the cake was…well because of your build and the fact you did so much exercise that is why you are having trouble with your bones…cannot do anything about it until they replace them…What so because i kept myself fit and well it is my fault i have this now.I was so down and angry and found a site for people with Arthritis. It has been my saying grace.
The doctor put me on lansoprazole for my stomach but after 2 weeks i have come off it. God the pain it gave me was awful…sweats, doubled up with pain. As you can imagine i just cannot wait to go back to see her. May ask to see someone else is she is so negative next time.
I have got use to living with constant pain and it is up and down but
i do need to get this sorted. I do worry though…i am glad it is not cancer but how would i know if it was Arthritis playing up or anything else??? I did not tell the doctors or hospital that i have pains in my hands, elbows, feet and now my bl…y knees have joined in. What makes me laugh is that i have had this for about 5 years and remember when this started…it was after my chemo treatment but i always put it down to the drugs… Has anyone else had this problem?

so feel for you ,i was on arimadex since my mastectomy ,and after a bad fall where i broke my wrist ,i was also diognosed with osteoporosis ,this is due to the drugs to save my life ! but sometimes i wonder what life, as my quality is severley affected i cannot walk far am in constant pain, like yourself .i am now on a bone supplement and adcal vit d ,are you on a bone supplement ? if not you maybe should enquire about having this asap. i get severe pain in my hip which they say may be secondaries ,but i think its due to the bone loss .
hope you can get better care ,your doc sounds extremely negative and thats not what you need rght now .good luck .xx


I’m suffering with constant lower back pain and have been to see my doctor, she has given me a different pain killer and is sending me for bone mets - this is something I didn’t know anything about until joining this site.

I’m hoping I get my appointment soon and hope its not bone mets. But I like to keep fit and like gardening, walking etc., but since this pain it has stopped me. xxxxSarnie

Must admit my first thought had the cancer returned…i have had secondary in my neck about 4 years ago but fine at present. I am sure this is partly due to treatment and the drugs. I am not on any bone strengthening drugs at present but that was my choice. I started them about 3 years ago but was quite poorly had a chat with my GP about it. I decided to eat well and come off them and see how my bone dens is went. I am due to have my bone dens done soon. I have lost dens in my bones and had the start of osteoporosis (that had shone up in my test 3 years ago). Must admit the pain is quite bad at times so do have to get this sorted. At doctors next wednesday so watch this space.