Looks like its a mastectomy..

Hello lovely ladies,

well my mammo recall showed a lump in same breast as before but in different area so they say its mot connected.  Going wednesday to see same surgeon as before in Feb 2017 for my biopsy results.  Mastectomy already mentioned…this is my worst nightmare… 

would love to hear back from anyone who is facing this…or have had this op done.

feeling really worried…xxxx


I am also facing the likelihood of a mastectomy and it scares me too. I am large busted and keep imagining something hideous! I do know though that there are better than ever options available in terms of reconstruction and they will try and make them match. 

It’s such a scary time, and so many hurdles but wait and see what is said. The way I look at it for myself is that i want them to take every last bit of cancer away and stop it from coming back.

Keep positive and hopefully you will get some good news on Wednesday.

Big hugs xxx

Hi I am due to have a mastectomy on 11/4 with a reconstruction using my own tissue. I was referred for a mammogram after some pain in my breast and despite a biopsy really did not think I had anything to worry about. I was shocked to be told I had grade 2 breast cancer, which is completely curable, and as they’d found 2 separate spots a mastectomy would be the only course of action. 

I’m still finding it difficult to accept the course of action despite having it explained to me several times why the surgery is necessary.  I chose immediate reconstruction as I don’t want to go back for further surgery at a later date. I’ve found it so difficult to find any help or support and feel very isolated and have been suffering with anxiety. Everyone is being so kind and say if I want to talk they’re there but as it’s all I can think about don’t want to end getting on everyone’s nerves with it. I hope you have a treatment plan and you’re finding it easier to deal with. Sending you my best wishes xx 

Hi Mini Mad

I had a mastectomy in December 18, I had a large tumour, so I had no choice. 

I am having reconstruction in Dec 19. I’m now happy I had the mastectomy, I had clean margins and the surgeon removed everything, so no cancer left. 

I’ve spoken to women at work who previously had a lumpectomy, then had to have a mastectomy after. This isn’t always the case, however I’m happy in the knowledge, that I’m clear, and eventually I will have new boobs. 

Lots of luck. ?