loseing hair

week two of first chemo hair has just started to full out well upset feeling right low about it i new it was coming but now its started :frowning:

I went through exactly this last June and I have to say I too was expecting it even bought a wig beforehand and cut hair short ready. But not sure you can ever really be ready for this it was horrible and like you I cried a lot when it actually started, but hopefully like me you will start to feel better once its all out, I actually encouraged it because the worst was the falling out bit, after that the scarves were fine I felt it showed my strength, also I felt I had more support from more people than if I had not lost it.

The good news is post chemo it should grow back. Meanwhile enjoy either the wigs or the scarves and try to have fun with it.

All the best

Hi Billiegirl
Have you a wig at the ready? l don’t think too many of us ladies would not be upset at our loss of our hair! whether we are young or older, our hair is very important to us.
Have you started to wear any head gear while you sleep, thought it would help catching any hairs that fall out, such a shock to see the hair on your pillow, or in the sink! anything that helps, of course it is still going to come out.
Are you going to get it cut short or shaved as it comes out, or just let it fall, either way rotten…
put the money to one side that you would have spent on haircuts, or styling products, and treat yourself to something really nice to keep. Your hair will grow back! in the meantime remember, it has fallen out because that chemo is doing its job, and long may it do so!
Sandra xxx

I’m at exactly the same stage as you, 2 weeks past first chemo and it started falling out on thursday. Like you I knew it was coming, but was lulled into a false sense of security because until thursday I had no sign of hair loss.
I have a wig but I’m not keen as it is similar to my hair but not my hair if you know what I mean.
My hair needs washing but I’m dreading doing it as I know lots will come out. Hats and scarfs are ready but knowing I will have no hair for the next few months is very upsetting.

Hi billiegirl

BCC have published a booklet about hair loss caused by treatments for breast cancer which you may find helpful to read, you can read or download it via this link:


The back of the booklet contains information about further support you may wish to access, including the headstrong programme which is a free advisory service run by professionally trained volunteers who can offer you information and support on hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Take care


I finished chemo a few weeks ago (FEC-T) and my hair actually started to grow back during the Taxotare treatments. I had mine cut really short once it started to fall out as I got totally fed up of it getting everywhere. I also wore a sleep cap at night to catch everything as hoovering the inside of a cap was better than trying to clean up my pillow. I don’t like wearing a wig and find scarves easier and not so hot!
My hair now is about half an inch long and growing fast. Like everything else to do with cancer its all vey doable - you just have to face one hurdle at a time and get past it. I start rads next week for 5 weeks - a right pain going every day but it will be another step completed in the fight.
best of luk to all of you

Hi girls, I am just coming up to the anniversary of my first chemo. This is a recent pic of me - yes I lost the lot too and yes I was devestated. I was in a newish relationship and ended it because I just could not bear to let him see me bald (He didnt put up a fight so it was deffo the right thing to do lol). When I realised it was going, I got my friend to shave it off and the wig did feel more comfy then. I wore the wig to my job (with special needs kids - they tell it like it is and not one spotted it!) I wore scarves at other times and kept a little beanie hat near the front door cos my little boy would panic that it would be his mates calling for him and he didnt want them to see me ! Just before the 6th FEC in August 09, the hair began to return - albeit GREY and CURLY aaargghh - dyed it as soon as there was enough to shout about with a safe veggie dye. Have had one haircut just to shape it a bit and am now letting it grow - I will keep it shorter than before but now feel I can choose the style rather than it choosing me. I hope this helps a little - you will all get there - good luck with your personal journeys and lots of love to you xx

Hi - if I ever have to do chemo again (please God no) then I would get a buzz cut as soon as it starts falling out. Every morning huge chunks of hair fell out and it was like having a mouse in the shower ! I keep remembering that episode of Only Fools and Horses when Rodney thinks he will impress Cassandra with a pony tail !! I eventually got a buzz cut to number 6 or so and losing that is easy. It takes nerves to do but trust me it is easier on your morale in the long run.

I’m just waiting now for it to come back !

I really feel for you - chin up, losing hair beats the alternative hands down… Luv R xxx

Hair coming out in in chunks now after 1.FEC on 8th April despite cold cap, my scalp is quite sore and like everyone else Ii know this would be coming and yet I could weep when picking it off my pillow, need to wash it this week and too scared, there might not be much left after. Will try cc one more time and if it’s no use then it will have to be a deep breath and no.1 cut all over…this BC business is so cruel taking away all I liked about myself…xxxxTina

Tina - big hug from me it will be fine whatever - your family and friends love you regardless of your hair and it will come back. Deep breath and remember the chemo does work


Thank you RECS, my little boy came up to me with a handful of hair he picked up off my pillow this morning and flushed it down the loo, I told him that soon mummy would have no hair left and he just said that he knew that and he didn’t care because I was still the same mummy for him!!
After shedding a tesco carrier full this morning I will have to see what the next chemo with cold cap does and then take control! Thanks for all the support. xxxTina