Losing my eyelashes

Hi, my hair is starting to fall out and I know it’s a matter of time before my eyelashes start. Has anyone heard of an eyelash protector that you can get from boots. Someone told me about it and said It promotes growth and helps strengthen them. There are two products near the false eyelash isle and they are about £24.00 but not sure if they are any good when you are on chemo. I can cope(well not really) being bald but feel I am just stripped if and when they fall out. Love Suzanne xxxxx

Hi suzanne,
My eyelashes havent all fallen out, ive still got quite a few, a friend of mine who’s having the same treatment didnt lose hers either. My eyebrows are still intact too!


I just finished my chemo 4 weeks ago ! had 3 x FEC and 3x Tax, didnt lose my lashes and brows until treatment number 5. The rest of my hair disappeared within two weeks of starting chemo !

My lashes and brows are just starting to regrow and my head hair is almost at a short crop, its still filling not quite a full head of hair, but to be fair none of it has been gone that long !

Its not the worst thing about it all once you come to terms with it :slight_smile:


I went on the look good feel better course after treatment 4, it was the soonest i could get on it, started chemo in October. After they showed me how with eye liner and eye brows ive never looked back and most people are fooled by the make up, one lady even said to me i was lucky not to lose my brows :slight_smile: they were pencilled on :slight_smile: You really can do a good job with make up, i got some soft coloured eyeliner pencils from debenhams for my upper lids, all sorts of lovely colours,(that i dont normally use) i use the pink and purple the most and fill the edge with a darker pencil to look like a line of lashes, then put my shadow on :)


If you can, just let your body do the things it needs to, i saw every hair coming out as the cancer getting smaller.And it has, gone from 3.5cm to 1.2 cm, im seeing the consultant tomorrow about surgery.

Chemo is rubbish and horrible to get through but in the blink of an eye it’ll be finished and you’ll be amazed at how strong you can be …

Good luck

Kay xxx