Losing my hair was...

…the easiest part of this whole mess…and to be honest I am LOVING the headwear…but I shall be glad when it grows back…think I was a pirate in my previous life! FREEDOM of the bald head…LOL No more shampoo just wash and go…LOL

it was really traumatic for me to loose my hair so glad your having an easier time, I have loved the wigs that ive got, even the nhs one’s were great, worn them out now! but your right its so easy when going on a night out, it takes one minute to sort your hair out and still looks better than your friends who have spent hours on there’s!!!

my last chemo was january and i tell you it grows so so slowly, im still not confident enough to get rid of the wig as its not long enough but im hoping my xmas i can stun family and friends with a kylie look.

p.s. you save loads on shampoo, i gave mine away so it didnt upset me when i looked at it.


I am in your camp. I can really understand why some of our friends here find it difficult. To me it was a sign that the chemo was working (I am having chemo before surgery). I have always been a “glass half full” person and I see this as an opportunity to experiment with scarves etc. and then when the regrowth happens, to start my hair from scratch. I have already talked with my hairdresser, planning the next couple years.

It’s not the optimum solution but I am looking forward to a better future

Sharon x

soon to start chemo here - and, not only will my bathroom be free of shampoos and conditioners - but razors too!
shower time will be so much faster :wink:
considering getting my daughter to do a henna tattoo when i lose my hair - if it’s got to go, i’m all for making something interesting

oh and my hair has grown back a different colour and with a wave in it whereas before it was long blonde and gorgeous now its brown and wavy!
I wonder if this happens very often or im just unlucky, again!


oooh Tracey, that’s different! Maybe, over time, it reverts to how it was?
(if not there’s always bleach and straighteners)

I know, typical that im different, you will laugh now because the hairs on my arms are more blonde than ever and also my eyebrows so yes im going to have to be a bottle blonde and will get my GHD’s back from one of my friends daughter in a few months!!!

Im 100% sure that it wont revert back, apparently it happens!


I’m the same - I have found it really liberating. I hated what my hair wsa becoming before I shaved it - dry, brittle, matted yuk!
I’ve always known it would go so have been prepared for it. Got all the scarves, wigs etc and am enjoying it. Although I found 1st outing in wig stressful, felt everyone was looking at me & knew I was wearing a wig but when it sunk in that they weren’t I was fine.

My friends can’t believe how good my wigs are - they wish there’s looked as good! I have found though that if I’m having a “bad wig day” and it just won’t sit right tying it back works really well - it doesn’t blow all over the place in the wind, I can bend down to bottom shelves without coming back up looking like Captain Caveman and it I can leave the clip in place how I like it and pop wig back on next time no fuss.

I must admit that I miss styling my hair - blowdrying & straightening was a daily ritual - but it’ll grow back.

I see all this as an opportunity to have a funky crop which I would never have had the nerve to do by my own accord and no-one can say “Have you seen what she’s done to her HAIR!!!” as I didn’t have any choice. Every cloud…

Let’s hope by the time it’s growing back some celeb has a 2" spiky crop that everyone wants to copy. We’ll be 1st in there as the fashion goddesses we know we are. Ha ha!


Alison - oh, no - me? a follower of fashion? never, no way, not ever *sulk*

when i reach that point - might tint the ends a funky colour and spike it - missed being a punk rocker as i was abroad - so go for it now.