Losing my head as well as my hair

Hi Brenda,

I wish you well as you and your girls prepare to get the clippers out! I got my boyfriend to shave my hair off for me in May when we got home frommy first chemo. I’ve always been glad that he did it for me. It’ll be a quirky sort of ‘bonding’ experience for you and your daughters, perhaps you could enjoy a glass of wine or 2 at the same time?

I am absolutely terrible at tying scarves, even though I have 2 good scarf tying guides! I now use scarves that are sort of ‘pre-tied’ and come with a scrunchie, they are ideal for total dunces like me! I have got all mine from an american site called www.headcovers.com. The products are ace, delivery is quick and cheap. They sent me a scarf tying guide with my first order, I’m still rubbish at it though!!! Also, check out something called ‘Headstrong’. They are in hospitals all over the country, they’re very good. I went to my local centre and they gave me a lovely free scarf and showed me loads of inventive ways to tie them.

Take care and I hope all goes well on Sunday, and with the rest of your treatment,


Hi girls,
Brenda, I hope the shaving goes well. You are so brave - I am starting to lose mine but not in clumps although my is fine anyway so it isn’t going to be long before you can see the scalp. I wake up in the morning and my pillow has hair all over it. I am not brave enough to don the clippers yet. I think the glass of wine will ease the pain or maybe a bottle!!!
Sending you lol and will be thinking of you, let us know how you get on
oh, nearly forgot, I ordered du-rags (shaped bandanas) which are easy to wear from a site called bandanasrus.co.uk. It is run by Paula who is a member of this site. She couldn’t find anything she like so she opened her own store. She has a shop on ebay. I ordered a du-rag in white indian cotton embroidered in pink and blue. It is gorgeous and as they are shaped to your head you just tie them at the back. Worth a look.
Take care,
Tracy xxx

Hi - well today I woke up with more hair on the pillow, gets worse every day - daren’t wash it so brushed it and when I looked in the mirror at the back of my head there was a bald spot. Luckily I had booked an appointment at my friend’s hairdresser who works from home and took my wig to her to get it trimmed - make it a bit more modern. She made a really good job of it and I wore it home had have just taken it off. My hair looks awful and can’t wait til Sunday now. Just spoken to my eldest daughter who said she wants to be here. (as for the wine my eldest thinks I am an alcoholic - so may has well - might get some bubbly eh?

I have looked at Headcovers and ordered some hats for winter and also couple of scarves. I was also thinking of booking in at one of the Headstrong meetings. I think the nearest one is Liverpool. I’ll check out the other websites tomorrow.

Had my 2nd chemo yesterday (FEC)and I feel good. Bit sicky this morning but took my steroids. like the first lot of chemo I didn’t sleep the night of it so shall get to bed !!

Lots of love and take care

Brenda xxx