Losing nails after last treatment of docetaxel



i am after advice…


After having my last docetaxel treatment on the 19th May ( yah! thank god no more horrendous muscle and joint pain ever again!) chemo has now delivered its last parting shot by 4 of my finger nails falling off!


What has anyone used to help them grow back? can anyone tell me how long it took for their’s to grow back?


I really loved my nails, I am totally bummed out now… I daren’t look at my toenails!


Any help would be greatly appreciated





Hi Sunflower Dinkle,

Welcome to the forum but I am sorry that you find yourself here.

I am sure some of our users will be along to share their tips and offer their support. 

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I wish I could give you a helpful tip but I think you’ve just got to wait it out. I finished docetaxel in Feb,  half of most of my finger nails peeled off in April  and I now have very short nails with white bits on. They’re  growing  back very slowly.  I put vitamin E oil on daily and use hand cream and cuticle balm, but just got to wait for new nail to grow back. Toenails were fine though. 

Would shellac improve  them?

To be honest after losing hair, boobs and getting lymphedema and neuropathy  I was past caring  about  the  state  of my nails!



Hi Karen, I know what you mean about having tender finger nails! Finished docetaxol beginning of May and although I haven’t lost my finger nails (yet!) they’re so discoloured. The tenderness has improved but I can’t open ring pulls on cans and have to be generally careful. Like you say, it’s amazing what you reply on your fingernails for!
Good luck for you radiotherapy planning appointment. I have just 3 more left and out of all the treatment I’ve been through, radiotherapy is by far the easiest ?