losing weight the gentle way

I posted on another thread about my fears about losing weight despite being fat and it was suggested that we have a support thread for those of us who cant cope with drastic diets or gruelling exercise routines.Any ideas for a slow but sure slim?

Hi Horace

Good idea…here’s a few things (you may well do loads of these already, of course!) that I try to stick to as a general rule. I always eat breakfast, but usually just have fruit for lunch and then a proper meal in the evening.

1 No pop, or sugar in tea or coffee.
2 No puds/desserts except when we’ve got visitors or eating out.
3 If you are making a pud/dessert, replace some of the sugar with a sugar substitute such as Canderel.
4 If you drink orange juice, dilute it with water (better for the teeth, too).
5 If you’ve got a downstairs loo, don’t use it. Go upstairs instead. Run upstairs if you can.
6 Don’t drive, or use public transport to go, anywhere you can reasonably, and comfortably, walk to.
7 Don’t use lifts.

Sure there must be loads more ideas out there?



I am doing Weight Watchers at the minute but what helps me lose and feel good is the 8 glasses of water a day its not easy but it does work.

Good luck and what a brialliant idea.


I am back Horace! Are you brave enough to do weight watching on here? We don’t have to necessarily know what we started at but chart any loss occasionally. I think I need shaming into dieting!!! Susan Love(US BC guru) reckons that being overweight is possibly the biggest link to a recurrence. Oestrogen is made in the fatty cells after menopause so if like me there are plenty of them around and you are ER+ , it seems to make sense to try to lose a few fatty cells. Likewise Progesterone producing coils in people who are PR+, not a mix I could ignore.
I am setting my weight tonight and hope not to fail miserably in the first week or two. I am still on chemo and about to have ablast of steroids for my last one next week so won’t be too serious about it.
My diet tip is dish your meals up on a small plate so it looks more and you can’t fit so much on.
Good luck
Lily x

Good luck everyone, hope with the power of on line support you all reach your goals.

I need to lose a stone ideally but hope that when I am off treatement that I can do longer and longer (and faster) walks with my dog, she could do with losing few pounds too.
If you dont have a dog… borrow one!

Drink a glass of water half hour before every meal
Dont leave big gaps before eating or you will be too tempted to overeat.

If you have to go up/downstairs do it twice before doing what you need to do. I have had to do this often because I forget what I went upstairs for!!

Have light snacks already prepared. i.e. carrot/celery sticks in fridge. Fruit salad too.

Put a picture on fridge of yourself now and watch yourself change.

Good luck all
Chris x

Use smaller plates and have smaller portions and have some fruit between meals, but don’t wait until you are hungry to have the fruit otherwise you will eat whatever you lay your hands on! I’ve been doing that for about 11months now and coupled with a little gentle exercise have managed to lose 10.5kg (approx 1st 10lbs) so far. The incentive I have is that I record my loss (and sometimes gains) on another forum (Bcpals), there are about 6 - 8 of us who do this on a weekly basis (or whatever timescale suits the person), its all voluntary, there’s no complicated counting calories or matching what foods you can have and doesn’t cost you a penny to weigh in!!

Good luck


Admirable thoughts ladies - but if you are like me - Winter is the time I pile on the weight from all that comfort eating. Somehow I can’t just have salads when I am cold and miserable, and Xmas is soooooooo fattening. Mind you this Summer wasn’t exactly salad time either was it? Perhaps Miso soup would be better?

Asked my hubby for Wii Fit for Xmas to try to get more exercise - will see if that helps!

Jo xx

Here goes!I weigh just under14 stones at 5ft 3ins tall.I live in a bungalow in a village with minimal public transport.I have never taken sugar and dont drink fizzy pop,squash or more than the occasional glass of wine[one a month at most].My chemo left me with peripheral neuropathy in my feet so walking far isnt an option[I do have a static bike].I like the idea of Weight Watchers as it has worked before.I was slim till I remarried 20 years ago then gradually got fatter as OH loves to cook and does it all.My fears are connected with my mothers rapid weight loss before her death from myeloma in 1993,and my oncologist saying he didnt want to see me losing weight quickly as he needed to know it wasnt cancer related.The only dessert I have regularly is fruit,I have one biscuit each evening.I cant do salad in Winter and love pasta,potatoes and bread.Dinner tonight will be chicken stirfry followed by raspberries with Tip Top[low fat].However I really want to lose by Christmas then work on it properly in the New Year.
Pet hate:people who say ,'Oh you have lost weight!'when a)I havent and b)if I had and it was that obvious I’d be at the doctors like a shot.It has to be very slow and steady for me.
Love Valxx

I am appreciating all these great ideas but my biggest problem is just not opening my mouth to eat!! On chemo I have not been able to eat chocolate, sweets and ice cream so I think that along with the trots has shed most of my chemo extra pounds but I really look fat and was overweight before this. I have a sort of slumping effect down the front but my tummy is not up to hard exercise. Since my port I have to sleep on my back so have to sleep propped up or I wake up in pain where I have rolled over in my sleep and it is cutting into me. I think that never stretching right out flat might have added to my problems. Any ideas how to work on the tummy without doing sit ups that are not possible right now? Also since being on CMF I have not been able to eat any fruit or veg at all or I have the violent trots from even a cherry tomato. Beef casserole and a jacket potato crippled me tonight! So will be with you all in spirit but can’t join in too seriously until the last chemo tomorrow wears off.
Horace I have a static bike too. Where shall we cycle to? Lets think of somewhere fab like Paris, Milan, Marseille, Turin, Budapest, Venice, Rome, Athens - you decide and we will find out how far it is to get there and set ourselves a target each week to meet. What do you think? We could start off at the Channel tunnel and visit somewhere new each week if you like? Anyone else like to join the cyber bike ride challenge?
Lily x

Hi there

Sounds like your hubby is spoiling you, horace. Do you need to elbow him out of the kitchen for a while?!!!

I don’t have a static bike - I do have a mini trampoline tho’ that I still haven’t unpacked since we moved house over a year ago. Still not really up for that…!

Does anyone swim? Or will be once chemo is finished?



A good thread!!! Any chance of it being moved out of chit-chat and fun (which I don’t regularly read) into the Living with BC category? Seems important for many of us.

My tip for winter months when salads don’t appeal: I make my own vegetable soup and freeze it in small portions. It doesn’t need long cooking (20 mins max if including potatoes, 30 mins if with small orange lentils) and I am trying adding raw watercress or lollo rosso just before the cooked things go ino the liquidiser.
This assumes that we like these foods, of course :slight_smile:
I was seriously overweight when dx with a strongly ER+ bc, lost 2 stone in a year (while taking letrozole!) but have regained about 10 lb of this, and I feel hungry most of the time…

We went on the South Beach Diet around Christmas. Granddad’s GP recommended it as GD had slightly high cholesterol. He’s not overweight and GP said the SB diet would be better than meds. After chemo I was ready for a change anyway. It cuts out carbs completely for the first 2 weeks (no problem for us) and then introduces healthy carbs (brown pasta, brown rice etc).

We read the book, played around with it for awhile and finally got down to business, as I say, around Christmas. It does say in the book it WILL alter your blood chemistry so I took it along to the onc before I went on it. He had a quick flick through and said it seemed fine. BUT … it could have contributed to the change in my liver function tests recently, for which I had to have an ultrasound.

It does say no alcohol but all diets say that. As some of you may know, I’m rather fond of a few g’n’ts of an evening and I wasn’t going to give those up, no way. And Granddad had his couple of beers and a shot of whisky before bed.

It’s a really interesting diet, very varied. We stuck to it pretty much until around June (after our son’s wedding). GD lost over a stone. He hasn’t been back to have his cholesterol checked. I lost about 12lb. The book says if you stick to the diet you’ll lose weight quickly but, because we didn’t stick to it religiously (alcohol, full-fat milk, cheese), plus we had wholewheat pitta with salad when we wanted a carbs rush.

I’ve just got weighed for the first time in ages and put on about 8lb since June :frowning:

Back to the diet …

I’m pleased to see this thread as I’m fat and have been very lazy about starting a diet but this has encouraged me and Lily your comment has frightened me.

I was eight stone when diagnosed 2 years ago and am now ten and a half. I know I can lose weight - with me it’s just getting going.

My method is to write it all down. I have one of those little books - ‘your greatest guide to calories’ and I use a notebook - one page for each day and I simply write down the calorific value of everything I eat and drink. That way I can’t forget and I can’t cheat. Some women find they can lose weight if they keep below 1500 calories a day but I need to keep my intake below 1200. (I do it a week at a time and work out the average so that way if you have a high calorie day you can lower the average the next day). It sounds complicated but in fact you soon learn the value of the things you eat and drink most often - for example I know that a cup of tea - how I like it with 6 tablespoons of skimmed milk - is 30 calories.

So I’m starting the diet today. Good luck everyone.

Anthi x

I’m up for the bike ride!I will also look for the South Beach Diet-I feel less scared already knowing you are all there too-nothing like company on a cycling trip!

Hi Horace
With similar weight and height I think you and I may pass for a matching pair of Toby Jugs.
In desperation, last week, I started Hydrofit at the local pool. In deep water it is great exercise and no pressure on my dodgy knees. It’s marvellous fun. You wear a blue foam belt and just bob about on the water doing exercises. If you get tired you can just float about for a while. Well recommended.
I am going to have a bash at weightwatchers again but maybe after xmas I will just try the eat less/ no pudding regime and see how well I do together with the hydrofit.
I would also love to come on the bike ride!!

Good Luck

PS as a Jake Thakray fan, did you see “Jake on the box” a couple of weeks ago. it was brill to see him again. I hadn’t realised he died in 2002 or that he was such a reluctant performer.

The best thing you can do to excercise your tummy area without endless sit-ups is simply to be positively aware of the area and pratice “engaging your core”.

I dont mean suck your tummy in really hard all the time but just by focusing on the area and not letting it blob forward you will make a big difference. Obviously you wont end up with a six pack but better posture [standing tall with shoulders relaxed and back and your tummey muscles engaged] definately helps and it is also good for your pelvic floor.

Good luck with your healthy eating [hate the word diet, makes me instantly hungry!!]. There’s no harm in eating bread and pasta just make it wholemeal and try jacket potatoe wedges. Cut a potatoe into six wedges, dot with low fat spread and a little salt and pepper and oven cook till brown and crispy, delicious.

Good thread. I’ve put on a bit of weight since treatment finished even though I’m more active.

My tip is to allow yourself only one ‘treat’ a day. A treat = crisps, wine, biscuits or cake.

This stops me eating a biscuit during the day as I’m saving myself for that glass of wine in the evening! However it would be better if I had some more self-control.

Another tip is to drink water rather than squah or juice and drink hot water or peppermint other than tea with milk.

good luch everyone

Got room for a littl’un (not!) in here? It’s not the food, it’s the frigging wine (to make me sleep you understand!) Flaming sleeping tablets they gave me didn’t touch me! However, as I’m due in for my op next week, should lose a fair few pounds of at least some gungy stuff!, and I don’t suppose the hospital grub is up too much, still I’m not expecting a hotel!

Yes…it’s so easy to forget how many calories are in alcohol, isn’t it!

I’ve gone right off it during chemotherapy (and chocolate, too!) and I’m sure the fact that I can’t face either of these is the only reason I’m not yet totally spherical.



firstly Anthi I am so sorry for scaring you abouit the fat cells but hope by knowing it helps x.
Well last chemo is in and I could probably cycle to Mars today, last lot in tomorrow then the runs will start and stop me eating so maybe I will start straight after that.
Horace and anyone on the cycle challenge, I am starting another thread for the cycling tiday and will leave this one running for the brill food ideas.Otherwisw it will get too long and so many people have great ideas. I think i will probably leave it on this one, then peolpe don’t have to switch threads to look each one up.
See you on the cycle challenge thread and thanks for the great ideas I am going to try quite a few of them
lily x