Losing wieght after steroids

Losing wieght after steroids

Losing wieght after steroids Hi

I’ve just finished chemo after 10 cycles and have put on two stone with the steroids.

Has anyone else put on this much weight with steroids and if so how quickly do you lose the weight?

I’m not convinced it call all be water retention (I sneaked in too many biscuits when feeling sick)


Steriods do cause weight gain chanel, one of our friends was put on them because she couldnt gain weight. I wouldnt worry about it to much chic, how about some exersise.

I personally think water retention is a myth i think its me in denial that im heavy.


thanks little 1 Hi Little 1

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply especially with all that you have going on at the moment.

I used to go to the gym three times a week before BC and did kick boxing as well but i’m not quite sure that my body is quite ready to face all of that again at the moment.

I’m still clinging on to the hope that a lot of it is water retention and that I wil automatically lose some weight.

I guess i’ll have to cut down on the biscuits as well now as I can’t use the sickness as an excuse anymore.


Your very welcome chanel, i replied because you have helped me through so much in the last day thanks.

If your eating buscuits when you feel a little hungry try snaking on something more healthy or youll turn into a buscuit!

Make sure you check with you doctor before doing any exersise. You sound like your treatment is and has gone well which gives me hope that my partner will get to that stage in the future.

Hello Chanel

I gained one and a half stone while on chemo. I think most of mine was due to eating stodgy and fatty foods which seemed to make me feel better. Also I wasn’t very active and spent more time in bed or just sitting around. And I did a certain amount of comfort eating - sweets and so on.

I decided I wasn’t going to worry about the extra weight until I had finished chemo and rads. I’ve just finished rads and now I shall start making a bit more effort to lose the extra weight - in fact I seem to have lost a couple of pounds during rads.

I don’t think you should worry too much about your weight at this stage. Your profile says that you still have surgery to go through. I think it’s more important for you to look after yourself - try to eat a good diet and take some gentle exercise when you feel able to, but don’t feel guilty about the odd biscuit. What we all have to go through with this disease is horrible and a bit of comfort eating probably doesn’t do us any great harm in the long run - you can worry about losing weight when your treatment is over.

take care
love Anthi

Hi Chanel

Just seen your post - I too put on weight - 1.5 stone in total - through my treatment, for the most part caused by the steroids, but also due to how inactive I became - chemo & rads is really tiring hey!

I kept saying to myself I wanted to start exercising as soon as I finished rads but with a return to full time work straight away, I realised that my body couldn’t take exercise aswell! So, I’ve left it until I feel able to do more - I’ve started with a few long, brisk walks and over the last couple of weeks I have felt like doing more so this week I re-joined the gym. This is nearly 3 months since I finished my rads but I’m glad I waited as now I know my body is ready for it. The instructor was saying last night that as long as I eat pretty healthily the weight should start to come off as I get the cardio exercise in and I’m doing a bit of resistance work aswell, just to re-tone (never had a belly before, or the beginnings of ‘bingo wings’!).

So I guess you just need to listen to your body and build up from gentle exercise.

Sarah x