Loss of brows and lashes


Ive had 3 FEC and my 2nd tax was on Tuesday past. I wanted to ask any ladies who are further on than me if and when they lost their brows and lashes and when they started to return. I would guess i have lost more than half mine but still left with a few and just wondered what to expect in the days to come. thanks so much

Hi Mrs mc

I had 4 AC and 4 tax. I lost my hair on the AC but it did start growing back towards the end of the tax. I lost a few lashes and brows on the AC but they gave up the ghost and I lost them all on the tax. They started growing back after a few months and once the growth had started they were back in a very short space of time.

It is now over a year since I finished chemo and ‘All’ hair is back as it was before BC except under arms. The surgery seems to have affected this area and I doubt whether it will change now.

Good Luck


lost my eyebrows and eyelashes just after my 3rd tax which was on the 3rd Feb this year. I was told would be 1 year before they came back, as the hair grows back in the same order it came out. But my eyebrows are back already, more so than my hair which is no more that fluff. No sign of eye lashes yet. Putting on my make up the other morning in a bit of a day dream and started trying to but mascara on non exsistant eyelashes. Good job no one was there to see it. I was advised to put vaseline on my eyebrows and eyelashes before they came out and to continue whilst they are coming through, is meant to help them especially when they come back as they can grow pointing out at all angles apparantly.

Mrs M - I finished my chemo in Nov last year - 4 x FEC and 4 x TAX and didn’t lose all my lashes and brows. Brows were very thin and I used a pencil and prob had 8 lashes on one eye and 5 on the other! In fact, I still have the 8 long ones which are obvisouly longer than the short ones that have grown through - mascara still looks very strange and just accentuates the difference in length so I don’t bother!

My hair on my head started to grow back after the FEC, but again I didn’t lose it all I had what I call a No 1 all over! 5 months on, it is thick and dark (much darker than before) and its starting to get curly!

With a bit of luck, you will now hold on to what you have. You may not lose all of them. From memory, my lashes and brows starting growing back 4-6 weeks after last chemo.

best of luck

Hi thank you very much for all advice and comments so far

Mrs mac, i have replied on other thread!!! love debs xx

Hi mrsmac - I lost most of my eyebrows and lashes during chemo which I finished 3/3/10. My brows and lashes started to return after about 3weeks and they are now almost all back. I have started taking a hair, nail and skin supplement (Tesco’s own) which I had been taking before dx so i don’t know if this helped. Brows do seem to grow outwards a bit but am slicking them down with Vaseline. So for you it is early days . good luck Marli x