Loss of eyelashes/eyebrows

Hi Fraggie

I wen to a look good feel better day in my area this month and it was excellent they showed you how to draw the eyebrows with a pencil apparently you start at the end of your eyebrow and draw a dot and then go to the centre of your eyebrow and do another dot and finally another dot at the end hope this makes sense but it really does work. You then just connect the dots together brings back school day memories of joining dots ha ha !!

You wont look like a clown and will be fine !!



Hiya Stella,
close to my heart this thread is!!
I lost hair (week 3 1st EC) I had 4 EC and 4 Tax anyway contrary to what ppl I did not pull my eyebrows out! lol
I touched some seeing if they were stuck down and they came out in my hand anyway lost all my lashes which as the same as others made my eyes run constantly.

I am 6 months post chemo now and am so fed up! my hair has grown back in a fashion!! its very very short and I still get stared at.
My eye lashes came back quite quick after chemo but my eye brows STILL have not come back and I am 6 months down the line now I am thinking they won’t come back now as everyone else either never lost their eyebrows or they have grown back ages ago.
I hate drawing them in they look crap!! and am very cheesed off at it all.

Is their anyone else who has been longer than 6 months for their brows to comw back? thankyou x caron x

you are right on the lgfb website it shows you how to draw brows on.


my friend very kindly bought me some false brows the trouble is they are way too long (you can cut them but I imagine it would be tricky) they are on some clear film like and you can see the film as it glistens.
love caron x

Hi everyone, I had my last tax at end of August, but have been eyebrow and eyelash free mostly since June from first FEC. Tax finished off my eyelashes, but I’ve retained a few scant hairs on eyebrows.

The LGFB session was really helpful as putting a bit of eyeliner on upper eyelid helps give some sort of definition. I did try some false eyelashes in a department store but asked them to take them off as they looked really, really fake.

I found Benefit’s browzings really brilliant though for my eyebrows and most people don’t even know that I’ve lost most of them. You get a little kit (comes in a few colours, counter staff will help you find the right colour), with wax and powder and 2 different brushes. It looks really natural. Not sure what it would look like if you have no eyebrow hair at all, but might be worth going to a Benefit counter to see.

I have about 1 mm re-growth on my head, but just started arimidex and bit worried about s/e as one of them is hair loss/patchy growth. Oh well, just have to wait and see.

Love Alice x

Hi Caron

My eyebrows started coming through at the end of Aug and i finished my chemo end March. they are very fine ( nt that they were thick before) but unlike my lashes tht have come back ok i still use a little powder on the brows if putting make up on.

Fraggle take a look at the Barbara Daley web site. Some of the Clarins ladies on the make up counter are pretty good. one gave me a bit of a make up session and it was ok and would have been ideal for an occasion.

I am going to see about gettting hair extentions, not long flowing locks but something to give a bit more length to i have, a company called Racoon do a special insentive for people who have suffered hair loss. Apparently its not that wide spread at the moment but they are hing to train up more hairdressers

rhian x

I finished Taxotere last October and I still have no eyebrows, very few eyelashes but hair is ok again and on legs & pubes (just where you don’t want it to be).

I hope I get eyelashes again, even if not eyebrows.

Take care

Can I plz ask any of U ladies that have posted a comment on here; did U bother wiv the cold cap? - I am goin tomoz for my pre- talk; then due to start chemo on Fri. I really need to know whether it is worth tryin to save my own hair, as of course I really want to if poss???

I did the cold cap. Yes it worked. Hair is thinner on crown, but as i had plenty no worse than many people have anyway. Must get good contact, i was told, so had hair cut short before sterting. To my surprise looked OK… spiked it up with wax on top- lots of people thought i had chosen a new more modern style and complimented me!! Good luck. Not comfortable but worth the discomfort to go through the whole of chemo and not to need to wear a wig or a scarf.

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the top tips - much apreciated. I’m booked in for a LGFB session, and will defo check out the kits and tips you can get from the makeup counter ladies.

Although my hair fell out, my eyebrows and lashes hung on in there for the wedding thank goodness, they were all I was bothered about!

I too don’t really like the look of the falseys on offer, but my charming big sister offered to do a number with some fur and sticky-backed-plastic, isn’t it great to have such family in times of need!!! :wink:

tomnlorasmum - I’m on TAC and was told I would defo lose my hair, so didn’t bother at all. I guess it depends on treatment, good luck if you decide to go for it!

Stick with it girls, I know its crappy but it has GOT to be worth it in the end xxx

hi i am just about to start my chemo sessions soon,not particularly bothers about that as i know everyone has different side effects,but petrified about losing hair,lashes and brows ,am gonna try cold cap an hope it works,although i know it dosnt always.wish i was as brave as some of you ladies who go out with bald heads-good on you jackie

just finished chemo (4 x FEC and 4 x TAX) and haven’t lost all my eyebrows and lashes. Eyebrows are thin, but easily filled with a pencil and lashes are very short and stubby but eyeliner works wonders. As you say everyone is different, but have hung on somehow. My hair also started to grow after last FEC and pic was taken 2 weeks ago I think after last chemo. Good luck xxx