Loss of Lymph Nodes

Does anyone know if you are more likely to get infections when the lymph nodes have all been removed on one side. I have had laryngitis for over a week now. Slight temperature at start. No sore throat. A bit of catarrh, hardly any cough. Seems like a virus to me. But someone has just told me you are more prone if lymph nodes have been removed. Currently on Herceptin, finished chemo last November. I really do not want anti biotics again. I have had about 6 lots in a year.

Hi Starfish,

We have lots of lymph nodes around the body and was told the removal of the axillary ones of the affected arm should not make any difference to overall immune system. Though you do need to be careful about protecting the arm, guarding against getting scratches that may get infected as lymph fluid can build up and not drain properly meaning being potentially prone to lymphodema.


Hi Bright

Thanks for that. I thought the same as well. I do try to be careful of the affected arm. But certainly thought as you say that we have enough other lymph nodes to compensate.


I too have been feeling off colour these last few day, slightly sore throat and tired. But not ill enough to think I need medical intervention. Hope you feel better soon.

Bright x