Loss of movement in thumb and forefinger

I had WLE and axillary clearance at the beginning of Nov. In last couple of weeks have lost fine control in thumb and forefinger of OP arm. Strength is there but can’t do fiddly things like buttons, put on ear-rings etc. Is this normal ?

Rest of my arm feels fine, still a slight lump under arm but am doing lots of stretching excercises and arm and shoulder are fine and good movement .



Hi Deb

I would speak with your BN as the inability to do ‘fiddly thing’ is a common indication of the start of lymphodema. I would certainly get it checked out - hopefully it will be something simple.

Margaret x

Hi Deb

I have given here a couple of information booklets produced by Breast Cancer Care on the subject of lymphoedema. You my find these helpful.

As Margaret suggests, its a good idea to contact your BCN to discuss your concerns.



These booklets can be either downloaded or ordered through the website.

Hope you find them useful.

Kind regards.


Thanks for your comments - not what I wanted to hear, but have contacted BC Nurse and am waiting to hear back from her.

I’ll keep going with the gentle exercises


Sorry to hear that.
Sorry - now I’ll frighten you some more. I have similar problems but mine have been caused by radiation treatment and taxotere.I also have lymphoedema.
i hope the BCN gets back to you soon but make sure you get it checked. It might be that the lump in your armpit is irritating a nerve and that is why you can not do fiddly things.
Hope it all improves and you get some help - it’s so annoying. I can’t do necklaces up anymore but at its worst I had to get the children to do my coat buttons and zips up, I can now so hopefully yours will improve.

Hi folks
THanks for your encouragement to get things checked out - there is a problem, which is going to be sorted in next couple of weeks with another Op. so thats a bugger.
But I appeciated your advice and it encouraged me to make phone calls to get things resolved.

So thanks for all being there and being supportive


Hi dippydib, does your thum/finger ‘click’ when you bend it? There are several of us suffering from ‘trigger thumb/finger’ and we are wondering whether it is a side effect of medication. Mine has been cured by an injection from my GP. It was wrongly diagnosed the first time by a different GP as arthritis.
There is a lot about the condition on the internet if you search for it. Let us know whether you have the symptoms.
Heidicat x