lost sentinel node biopsy

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I have had a lumpectomy and then a few weeks later the sentinel node biopsy.
This biopsy has been lost, so I don’t know if my cancer has spread.
My surgeon reckons that it is “unlikely”, but it was “unlikely” that my microcalifications were DCIS - then it was, then it was “unlikely” that the cancer would have spread, but it did - so how can it be “unlikely” that the node was clear.
Has anyone had this before, and what did you do ???

Hi Kim!

I think it is appalling that they have lost your SNB and you should complain to the highest authority in your NHS Trust. As you say how do you know what is the best treatment now if you don’t know if your lymph nodes are involved or not. In all the posts I have read on here since my dx last June, I’ve never heard anyone say this before. Sorry I’m not much help - I’m sure others will offer advice to you - but I just wanted to say how awful this is. What systems do they have (none?) in place when they do the biopsies??

I too am shocked that they can lose a pathology sample.You really need to complain about this so procedures can be tightened up.
I understand what you mean about the consultant saying spread is “unlikely” as I would have hoped your sample was extremely unlikely to go astray so that is no comfort.
At the end of the day the sample must be somewhere ,back of a fridge,porters den etc so they need to do a search of all likely places.I really do feel for you,unfortunately I have no other advice.
Take care