lots of lumps

hi im 22 and i had my 2nd baby 9 months ago i didnt breastfeed & after a month my boobs were back to normal but then not long after lumps have been apearing i can feel at least 8 and they are in both boobs and they hurt and are getting worse as time goes by, i went to the doctor last week & didnt evan bring it up i didnt dare im there again this evening for something else & i really cant see myself mentioning it him aswell as my 9month old i have a 3year old & cant bare the thought of something bad happening to me & leaving them i think its why i cant bring myself to be seen :(do u think it could be something bad or cysts? i really dont know who to talk to i cant sleep through worrying just keep hoping it will go away on its own

Hi staybee and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support your fellow users will bring here is the link to the BCC publication about breast health which you may find useful to read:


Our helpliners will also be happy to talk to you about your concerns on 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Take care

Hi Staybee,

I am sure it is nothing to be worried about but just to put your mind at rest i would mention it to your GP as it is a problem because it is causing you great anxiety, I am sure that if you mention it your Gp will be able to reassure you. Also you have a young baby & both the body & mind go through great changes, especially the breasts.

I hope this helps as I can tell from your posting how very anxious you are, please mention it & then at least you will be able to move forward & enjoy a lovely Xmas with your children without having this worry hanging over your head.