Hello there,

Iv just read down your message and im a little bit in the same situation as yourself. I go for my pre op next tue and then my op the week later.

I found it very hard to understand my consultant and when she said the C word i just blanked off and the mind started worring about hubby and the kids.

I only have it on the one side and they have told me that they will go in and remove the ones that they think are the problem but if they cant see them then they will have to remove all of them just incase.

It hasnt really hit me till yesterday and now starting to worry and the ’ but what ifs’ are starting to sink in.

Hope your have found more out about your op.
Take care
love claire xx

oh claire sweetie i,m so sry you have bc i pray your surgery goes well and that all will work out well
bless you and we are here for support hon

Thank you Cee,

Im in hope that the ones they remove are the only bad ones in there and i wont need any more treatment but if not then i will find the strength from somewhere and get through it. I went to see my GP last week and asked her if they could be wrong and are they just doing all this on the safe side and she said she hadnt received anything from the hospital yet but as far as she was concerned they dont just do ops for nothing and telling me that it could be nothing would be wrong and she was keeping her fingers crossed for me… that says it all really!!!

Saying it didnt hit me till yesterday… iv not had a good nights sleep in weeks and hair is falling out in clumps… (just as well i have a good head of hair!!!) so must of hit me before now without me noticing.

I now just have to get through till next week then the 30th.

thanks for your message
claire xx

Hi claire!

thanks for taking the time to message me! I am away tomorrow till thursday night but please feel free to keep in touch if you want a private chat then please send me a private message as I am in a real mess and not dealing with it so well either …sounds like we might need a bit of support …or if you’d rather then just message me on here!

It is turning my whole world upside down and it’s alot to take in! and so much I still want to know!

Keep talking sending you big hug

lots of love loubyjane xxx

Hi loubyjane

I am sorry to read that you are finding things difficult at the moment, I am sure that your fellow users will continue to support you. Please remember that you are very welcome to contact our helpline for confidential support, a listening ear and any information that you may need during this difficult time.

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 and is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Loubyjane,

I dont mind either way but if you would rather chat in private and have a good old scream, cry and rant thats ok by me. I dont know how to do private messages so you would have to let me know what to do.

Have you had a date yet??

Im sure we can pull each other through this as going through it at the same time.

take care
claire xx

Claire I think I did reply by sending personal message not sure anyway Yeah I hope we can pull each other through!

I havnt got a date yet was supposed to be this week then my consultant went on annual leave so have to wait till he rings me now on monday!

Which city are you being treated?

Thanks Sam will give it a go in a min.

Jane im in Leigh lancashire but being treated in Wigan, what about you??


I’m being treated at leicester

Well heres to both of us getting through this and not loosing our marbles on the way. Have a great trip and give me a nudge when you get back.
luv & hugs
claire xx


have you tried the herbal green boxed nytol sleeping tabs they have really helped me this week!

How long ago was yours discovered how did they find it? have they given you any idea of what it will be like after? have you got support at home?

speak soon louby x

no iv been trying Kalms sleep. Its driving me mad either not getting to sleep till 3am plus then jumping at 4 and then 5. Dont help when i have small kids to look after all day too. Yes i have my hubby and my mum is round everyday but to be truthful she is driving me mad as she is full of self pity and thinks everyone shoud be feeling sorry for her as he daughter is ill !!!
I just feel i dont want to talk about it with anyone close cos i want them to think im coping fine.

I just went to the docs with discharge and the hospital contacted me the next day ( i had it for months but didnt bother going to get it checked out) Had mamo and they didnt see anything then they told me go back 2 months later. I did then they tested discharge and told me i had to go in for my op to remove either the dodgy ones or all of them… she said they will decide that when they open me up.
They just told me i wouldnt feel anything anymore on that nipple and that it would never stand up and also i would never breast feed again… no chance of that anyway lol.

My god have you borrowed my mother??? I too am finding the kids hard work with little sleep hence trying the nytol…but last night it didnt work and I’m shattered …my specialist (haha) refused to answer what the out come will be and any info I have has been gained from reading and asking around! not exactly ideal!!! nor was his un planned holiday!!

I too am reluctant to discuss it with everyone I know and find it hard as my hubby lost his mum to it last xmas.

Dearest louby and claire,

Just to let you know I’m sending you both all the positive vibes I can muster. I know it’s hard but hang in there. You’re both beautiful, strong women and you will cope.

Lots and lots of love,
beano xx

Thanks beano you are such a great help! sending you big hugs!!!xxx

Thanks for the hugs, louby. Put a big smile on my face!

beano x

Good god there isnt two of them out there, is there !!! I thought i had the only one, she even get annoyed when people dont phone her every day asking how she is coping lol.

Mine just told me in her very broken english… ‘If its bad it all comes off’… heard that loud and clear !!

I didnt tell my hubby till the day before hospital ( and only did cos he kept asking me why i had a face like a slapped ar@e) and been to the doc twice before that as she did blood tests the first time, then must of phoned the hospital the same day i went back the second time. Poor you and hubby having to go through this bl**dy nasty beast again.


Yep it sounds just like my mum she has been sobbing on every ones shoulder had the cheek to tell me she has asked her doc for pills and counselling and even had a go at me for not considering her enough yet she has not once asked me how I feel…not that I wish to share that with her now!

Yeah I have been told when I sign the consent form I will be signing for a full bi-lateral masectomy just incase…just incase…how do you get your head round that at 30yrs old especially when theyre 36hh!!! massive difference!!!

I have got no help or support from the unit or hospital even tried ringing to speak to breast care nurses for some info but they are never available!

how did hubby take it? mine is in total denial! keeps saying are you even sure they need to check what it is …do you not think they should leave it and see what happens… He is trying but I really could slap him!

The biggest thing that has really gutted me is this all kicked off first week of school holidays and it has been non stop since …I feel I have missed time with my kids and now emotionally havn’t got the energy to make the efforts I would normally…I am a very hands on mum who resents missing time with the kids and never normally give them to any one to look after so this has been even harder!

It’s my youngest’s bday on 29th he’ll be 6 and the secretary thinks that will be the day!!! Ohhh joy!!! well whatever happens we both know we will get to the other side…i’s the journey I am not looking forward to and the inconvieniance …still feels very weird to be honest…guess alhough it upsets me greatly …it havnt come to terms with it …but i think thats because we still don’t know what “it” is!!!

Im sorry but i had to laugh about your mum… she IS a star !!! But you must feel sorry for me as mine has just got a house 9 doors away from me so she can be there if i need her (found out on the tue and she was on the house hunt next day) … what i dont need is her being soooooooo close., feel like selling up and moving away.

Im the same as you about the school holidays as i work in a college and im off when schools are plus iv had eldest son-12 and hubbys b/days in July and couldnt even think straight to do much for them. My eldest dont know yet as i cant put all this on him just yet, will tell him when i really need to, lucky other two is 3 & 4 and dont need to know. My hubby is walking on egg shells as i think he is scared to ask if im ok incase i start crying and just keeps trying to be extra nice.

My hospital didnt go into things much and came away not knowing anything really and only found out most of it on here. I dont think they like to tell you much till the last minute so you dont stress to breaking point.

Anyway must go as he is snoring beside me here and if the stress dont keep me awake tonight then the noise will.

You take care and have a nice trip away
speak to you when you come back

luv claire xxx

OH Beano,

Im so sorry didnt see your message…

Thank you so much and hoping you are well too

luv claire xxx