Love and Admiration

I don’t often post - my sister was diagnosed 3 years ago with breast cancer and she’s been extraordinarily brave - although as she says - what’s the other option??!
Yesterday - for the first time - she asked me to go to her annual check up. Until I went I could not have imagined the pressure and tension. The hospital were lovely - all the staff were wonderful. We took her 3 year old daughter with us and my 10 year old daughter to entertain said 3 year old! The nurses all remembered my niece as she was only 8 weeks old when my sister was diagnosed. Waiting for the mamogram results was so tense and emotional. We talked about holidays and husbands and parents but under it all we were both waiting and not really breathing.
The results were great. Touch wood she’s OK for another year. We went to the pub and had a little bit too much wine! And the girls had as much chocolate fudge cake as they could realistically eat.
I love her so much and she won’t be reading this as she doesn’t know I belong to this site - she’s not much of a joiner - so I’m simply saying to God or whatever is out there - thank you for letting her be OK at the moment, thank you to the nurses and secretaries and oncologists who were so kind to us. Thank you to the old lady who was so very very poorly who stroked my face when my sister went to get her results and I couldn’t then stop from crying with fear (wouldn’t dare do it in front of her - she’d wallop me!) and good luck to everybody - I think you’re all amazing.

Hi lizziew, so glad your sister has had good results, I know what you are going through as my sister and I have both been diagnosed with different cancers within four weeks of each other this year. Take care love junieliz

A lovely post Liz, you sum up stuff so well, and it’s so nice to remember that there are a hell of a lot of good people out there, helping us every step of the way.