love my glove (& sleeve, & corset thingy)

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Im due to have my lymph nodes removed soon oh my god do we have to wear these grizly things for ever i feel darn sick now?

Hi Norberte

Good idea for a thread. I hadn’t thought of putting them in the fridge and I will definitely try that when it’s warm. Only problem is I don’t enough of the things.

My lymph nurse said some women opt to keep one for best. Makes sense to me as I have one that I’ve been using for only a few months and it looks terribly shabby already.
I think I’ll have to plead for another one on the NHS so I can keep a spare in the fridge!

Hatty - you only need to wear a sleeve if you have lymphodema and if its prescribed. Not every woman who has lymph nodes removed gets it, I think about 75% don’t.
As mine is well controlled and mild, I am having trial days without a sleeve. To be honest though, strange as it sounds, my arm is more comfortable with the sleeve now so I’ll probably forego the sleeve on special occasions or evenings out.

Hi Hatty,the garments are for people who have lymphoedema.So no need to panic :slight_smile: you won’t have to wear them unless you develop lymphoedema.You will probably be given information about how to help prevent it after you opp, I did do what they said but still got it lol.I have read that the average rate of getting lymphoedema without regional radiotherapy was 3% and the average risk with regional radiotherapy is 12%.

Thanks for the tip about putting sleeve in the fridge norberte :slight_smile:
I ripped my sleeve off at work yesterday in a frenzy.I was having a massive hot flush.I got some strange looks lol.


sorry it takes me sooo long to write my posts.I have repeated what others have said :slight_smile:


thanks for the info, my surgeon is saying im having rads but not under the arm as he is trying to keep the lymphodeama low risk. Im not having a breast removed either as they cant find my primary cancer im CUP so im hoping with just having level 1 and 2 clearance the risk maybe lower i hope so anyway.

Hatty - yes, you’ll be at lower risk than say those of us who had a full axillary clearance. As Mel says you’ll be given exercises to do and info on the care of your arm to help prevent lymphodema. Staying slim can also help as their is less adipose tissue for the lymph to get through (now that’s easier said than done!).
Hope your op goes well. Elinda x

Im a nutritionist no excuse and struggle with my weight but this will be an incentive for sure. Sorry to have gone off track with the post and thanks for all your help.

Hi Hatty

Here’s another publication for you, it’s ‘Reducing the risk of lymohoedema’ which you may find useful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/103/

Best wishes

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Norbs, I’m disappointed you haven’t been telling us about the decorations you were planning on adding with the fabric pens and paints. Making them “yours” and not just “those bloody lympho gloves” must surely make them feel less awful.

I’m struggling Norberte! How about it gives us an excuse to by beautiful new clothes we can’t really afford. I’m looking for some lovely long sleeved shirts or light cardigans to wear over T-shirts.

I have olive skin and tan very quickly so if I walk around with one arm out and one in a sleeve I’m going to look very odd when I take the sleeve off.

I was thinking the other day that if I win the lottery in a big way, I’d like to set up a business designing and manufacturing clothes for women with lymphodema. I can barely sew on a button but you know what I mean…

Cool sleeve in the fridge I like ! Oh and I’m trying really really hard to come up with something that is remotely likeable about having to wear a compression top but must admit to defeat ! I think they are about £70 a shot.I loved my boobs pre cancer and still love em,the fact that corsety thing does help squash my lymphoedema is fine but my poor good boob is getting squished to buggery ! I look like I have a large pillow stuffed across my chest and it is a VERY strange profile indeed.Sizeable boobs squashed flat against your rib cage isn’t the most comfortable of feelings,and getting decidedly hot and sweaty as the weather heats up,and the velcro jaggy straps !!! Maybe I’m just not cut out for this sort of bondage milarky ! However, my way around it at the mo which seems to be working ok is to wear the garment of torture in bed.Bit of a passion killer but is holding it in check ,will be reading with interest that hopefully someone will come up with a way to love the unloved.

Sandra x

so know what you mean re sleeves and clothes ! im having bandaging at the moment and thankfully the weather has been warm so i havnt needed my coat ,impossible to put on as the bandage has made me look even more like michelin man !
as for the sleeves ive decorated mine using fabric paints and now due to the reduction in my arm size i have to have new ones ,been offered a black one this time ! makes a change from the awful sludgey colour ones ive got .as for designing clothes for lymphodemia im with you on that one ,i too wear a compression garment thingy for my chest odema so i think it would be nice if we could have more flattering ones to wear .

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Last summer I noticed that my lympho arm/hand looked so pale and gohstly in the sea compared to my normal arm that the kids started calling it the dead hand!

I’m getting more gloves/sleeves now I get them from my GP on repeat presc so I’ll definately try the sleeve in the fridge tip. Maybe keep 1 in the fridge at work to use in the afternoons on hot days. I’m not going to hide my sleeve it’s part of who I am. I just wish I could get one that isn’t “tan” from the company that makes mine.

The best thing aout this thread is you are all being so positive… I know we all have bad days and times life can look very dark but I feel that I’ve just got to get on with life and try and find solutions rather than letting the negative emotions take me over.

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Hi Littlemrs,
I too continue to wear short sleeved tops while wearing my sleeve and glove as I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of. I’ve a wardrobe of lovely summer tops and don’t see why I shouldn’t wear them.It doesn’t alter the fact that I hate it but I want to wear whatever I wish. It’s hard enough sorting out bras and v necks after my mastectomy but as far as the sleeve is concerned I’m not bothered if it is on show.