low dose citalopram..

hello lovely ladies…am seeing gp later to see about taking low dose citalopram, did have it years ago …is anyone on it does it help?am frightened se may mask any symptoms of progression (am tnbc)but would it?am coping in general but feel that knotted shakey nervous sensation creeping in so thought better nip it in bud…love and hugs to you all rachel x

Hi Rachel

I was originally on 20mg fluoxetine, until i had my mastectomy and put on tamoxifen. the docs at hosp told me the tamoxifen is not as effective if i was to stay on the fluoxetine so i was swapped to citalopram 10mg. i didnt feel this was a high enough doseage for me personally and upped my doseage to 20mg myself. i did tell my GP what i had done and he said 10mg would prob not make much of a difference to my moods, anxieties, etc. I have also just paid a visit to our local St Anns hospice and was advised that citalopram is a very common anti depressant with good results and if i feel i need to up my doseage i could even go to 40mg. i completely trust their judgements and feel if they think i would benefit by uppin the meds then i will if it gets me through this awful time.
take care and listen to your own body and mind…
love julie xxxxx

I have been on a low does of citalopram for a number of year. When diagnosed at Christmas I had it doubled . It does help I do still get down, but that’s the chemo. Give it a go you have nothing to lose and you could gain I’m triple negative and er+ as well