Low energy drinks and sugar replacement tablets

Hi All

Just to let you know that recently I have found out that any Low Sugar, Diet drinks or any sugar replacement sweetener tablets are not good for you. They contain saccharin and/or aspartame and/or phenylalanine which once in the body is very small doses can cause severe damage to immune system and some genetic damage.

Some of them also convert to formaldehyde in the body which is very bad for us as it is toxic.
I found this out because I know I am allergic to formaldehyde and I didn’t realise that these drinks convert to it. I also have been told that the fumes from banana skins can cause this too once un-peeled so get rid of the skins quickly.

I know we are told to drink lots during chemo treatment but just wanted to highlight problems that may possibly arise later on if you are using the above. This is not just for cancer sufferers pass the info onto family and friends and it may help them avoid possible future problems.

Love Babs


I too am anti all these sweeteners. I’ve found that aspartame actually triggers migraines on me. It’s surprising how many things this is in so lots of ingredients reading. Sainsburys have stopped using aspartame in their own brand products so I think this goes to show it’s a bad thing. I would rather have proper sugar and enjoy things in moderation.

Em x

If you look at the following link snopes.com/medical/toxins/aspartame.asp you will see that this is a false rumour, which has been in circulation since at least 1998.

Had a quick look at the link and although it does say it does not cause MS, or Cancer etc; it does confirm that it turns into formaldehyde which is bad for you. Therefore I still think we should avoid it.

Babs x