Low Grade DCIS & Radio therapy

This is my first post. Recently diagnosed with this grade of DCIS. 2 operations later ( first with wire localisation, then second as clear margins not obtained on first op) now removed with clear margins, what a relief. DCIS removed 13mm. My consultant has refered me for a chat with an Oncologist to discuss pros/cons of RT. I was initially told RT not required as low grade, has anyone else not opted for RT as I’m concerned if I have a recurrance & need a masectomy in future, having RT limits your reconstruction options. I know RT reduces the risk of a recurrance, but it could still come back.
Just had my chat with the Oncologist (14/01/11)and am likely to take their recommendation for RT(Monday/Friday for 3 weeks). I’m mulling it over this weekend and I’ll call them on Monday. My DCIS area was larger than I had been led to believe and yes it is low grade, but it was “bordering” intermediate. As I’m 51 also more likely it could recur at some stage in future due to my age (not very often I’m referred to as being young!). RT would reduce possibility by 50%,so benefits outweigh the cons, also the Oncologist answered all my concerns, they haven’t gone away but I understand it more & not so apprehensive.

I would (and did!) have any treatment offered. It may be ‘belt and braces’ but I would take anything to prevent a recurrence. Okay, radiotherapy is a bit uncomfortable and you may feel tired for a while but its a walk in the path when faced with the alternative. If you want peace of mind… take whatever is offered.

I wish you strength.


I have to agree with alex take whats on offer

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In addition to the valuable support you have here please do call our helpline for a chat with one of our team, here you can talk things through with someone in confidence, the line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000.

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