Low neutrophil count - what does this mean?

Hello helpful peeps - just had a few happy weeks being a Neddie, now down in the dumps again.  My blood pressure has shot up - a side effect of Anastrozole??? and had annual medication review where I asked about any blood tests - wouldn’t have had them otherwise.  Now perhaps wish I hadn’t!!  Have a low neutrophil count & need another blood test in 6 weeks.  I didn’t have chemo, so bit puzzled.  And my hair is thinning, boo hoo… Not a major factor in the scheme of things, but finding I’m getting stressed.  xxx

Hi, I had very low neutrophil reading after a blood test. I was recovering from a cold and had jet lag due to 10hour time difference. I was told it was because I was run down. I had another test the following week and all was back to normal!  So perhaps you are run down!