Low platelet count

Hi folks, New to this forum and it looks so helpful. I was diagnosed in Dec, surgery in Jan (bilateral mast, left lymph clearance), 1st of FEC-T sessions 3 weeks ago. 2nd tomorrow and have just had a call from onco nurse - low neutrophils (1.2) and unless count goes up by tomorrow chemo won’t go ahead. Anyone with the same experience. I thought I was doing well so this has been a blow. Many thanks

Hi redhead, So far (I’m due fec 4 next week)each of my cycles has been 4 weeks rather than 3 because my wbc count has been too low ie below 1.5. I have the filgrastim injections (one a day for five days) to stimulate white cell production and that improves things but hasn’t got them above 1.3 so far. Its a nuisance but it does mean I get longer to recover in between poisons.


Hi redhead, I too had the rather uncommon SE of low platelet count, mine went down to 23 when the next chemo was due and it has taken another 3 weeks for it to get back to a level when they could give me chemo. The BCN said it was very unusal but she had come accross it in a few cases. They lowered my dose for this next session and i am being monitored every week till my next due chemo to see my bloods reaction.
Hope yours perks up too and fingerscrossed the next ones can go ahead smoothly from now on
Clare x

Hi Dawn and Claire, Many thanks for your messages. I was so surprised when I got a blood test 2 hours before chemo time and blood count had gone up to 2.5! I’m hoping it’ll be fine next time. I’m sorry to hear that you both have had such trouble with it although inspired by your matter of fact way of dealing with it all. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your treatment.