Lower back pain/period pains

Hi everyone

Just a bit of history first, am halfway through chemo, having 3 Fec & am moving onto Tax on new years eve.

My periods have completely stopped during chemo but I still get slight pains and like a dull ache in my lower back like I sometimes would during a period!

My scans were all clear a week before started chemo but of course naturally i’m worrying myself about it! The pain isn’t persistent.

Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Love Mel x x x

Hiya Mel

I had 4 x Epi/8 x CMF and my periods stopped after last Epi at the end of April and, as yet, have not returned. I seemed to get all the symptoms every month, but no period - bizarre. This last week I have been getting lower back pain and was wondering if it was the monthlies returning, I asked my doctor and he said if it was anything sinister it would be constant and keeping me awake at night.

Hope this helps.

Julie x

Hi Julie

That helps massively! Of course i’m working myself up into a right state worrying about it! I’m getting all the symptoms of a period but nothing, the pain doesnt hurt as such either! Wierd! Thank-you so much though, will prob mention it to my onc next time i see him

Take care
Mel x x x

I get this and I’m not on chemo but Tamoxifen. I go through a pretend period every 8 weeks with really bad period pains, migraines, upset stomachs etc

Hope this helps


Hi Ladies
I have just finished E-CMF chemo and my periods stopped once I started the CMF. I still get what feels like period pains but I have a feeling that these pains could be constipation pains. However, prior to my Dx I did not have periods as I was on the Depo-Provera contraceptive injection but i still had period pains each month but no bleed. Aren’t our bodies complicated machines!

Carly x