Lump after infection

The doctor said I had mastitis caused by a large scratch I was given antibiotics whitch took away the soreness but when antibiotics ran out was left a sore patch and felt a lump underneath. Doctor.has referred me to hospital for mamagram and given me more antibiotics. He told me to try not to worry and gave me diazapan as well. But worry is my middle name and I am worried sick.

Hi Tracy,

As ever, being told not to worry, doesn’t stop us worrying!

But, it is good the lump is being properly checked out & only the breast clinic can sort it out for you. BC would be the least likely reason for the lump & chances are it’s the inflammation from the infection that would explain it.

Inevitably it is an anxious time waiting & the mind goes into overdrive, but chances are, all will be well.

ann x


I’ve had a text message to say appointment is 21st even more stressed now, and trying to convince myself the lump is going down, feel so anxious. I’m thinking it can be treated then in another thought thinking they will find something worse that can’t be.

The scan and mamagram was clear but had to have another needle as they didn’t take enough first time, they told me not to worry but still am.