Lump, biopsy dr pretty sure it’s cancer


i went for a mammogram, scan and biopsy yesterday. The dr checked my lymph nodes which appear to be clear.

Breast cancer nurse talked me through it all and she said they’re concerned about the lump and seem sure it’s cancer. 
It was a massive shock but 24 hours later I’m getting my head around it.

Results in the 2-3 weeks. It’s going to be a long wait.

Hi @louby_lou69  - I’m really sorry to read your story, but I wanted to welcome you to this lovely forum and hope that we can all help you get through this wait. I totally understand that you feel like you have just been hit by a truck that came out of nowhere. I was diagnosed and had my treatment about 4 years ago, but I remember how hard it was waiting for results. We are all here to chat with you while you wait and to answer any questions. It might sound a cliche, but now is the time for lots of self kindness and treats, and distractions - whatever works for you, but I loved box sets and easy to watch films (another member was only saying the same on another chat today). Try if you can not to let your mind go into overdrive, and especially try to stay away from Google - Google really doesn’t know you or your symptoms and only serves to scare us. Better to come on here or call the lovely nurses here, their number is at the top of the page.

I’m sending you hugs and strength. Remember we are here to chat anytime and please do come back and let us know how you get on, if you feel like it. Evie xx