Lump by collar bone?

Hi Ladies
I have got a lump just by my collarbone, it feels like a gland up. It,s not the affected side but the same side as my “good” boob. I was dx 2008 grade 3, 2cm 1 node positive. had Mast, recon then 3 fec, 3 tax plus herceptin. No rads. Am er,pr and her 2 positive. Now just tamoxifen.

I was wondering if you lovely ladies could offer me some advice, I know there are a few on here with supraclavicular involvement but is it possible for this to happen on the opposite side to where the original cancer was?

I just had the flu vac on Saturday and on Saturday night I went to bed with a roaring temp feeling rough as. I was fine on Sunday though. I don,t know whether to ring my bcn or whether to wait and see if it goes down on it,s own.

Does anyone know if an infection can cause this?

It!s such a pain in the rear, just when I thought my life was back on track another anxiety comes along to remind me that my life is forever changed since bc

Any advice is welcome…

Thanks all xxxx

Hi, I had a lump there about 3 years aftermy original diagnosis and also in my muscle under the arm on the effected side. I had scans and they came back that the underarm was definitely not cancer and the one on my collarbone definitely was a local recurrence. Thankfully they decided to biopsy and not just treat without them. The result was the complete opposite. I had recurrence in muscle and the collarbone lumps were fine and no problem at all. Lets hope your collarbone will be fine too.

cheers Ann B

I think I would be inclined to give it a couple of weeks, then if it is still there contact preferably your onc team at the hospital although I know a lot of hospitals now shove you back to the GP. It could ‘just’ be an infection in the lymph node but you never know. It is a bummer having to be aware all the time of anything odd. Hope it isn’t anything related and that it just goes down over the next fortnight.


Hi eal69eal,

I thought I would just let you know that my daughter aged 17 years had a similar problem with one of her sub clavicluar lymph nodes and the flu jab. She is asthmatic and the GP advised her to have the flu jab. She had the injection and 2 days later this lump appeared just under her clavicle (she had broken her clavicle when she was 2yr old). The lump appeared to “pop” in and out when she moved her arm. Took her to hosp on GP’s advice, x-rays etc and they came up with that it was the flu jab, advised her to have it in the other side in future as they felt the previous fracture had affected the lymph system.
Guess I am saying it could be the flu jab, but I would get it checked out, phone bcn or GP. My daughter’s lump continued to be a problem for approx the following 2 weeks and then subsided. Hope it soon gets better.

Marjay xx

Thank you ladies for your replies. I think I’ll leave it a week and if it’s still there go to my GP. I feel totally fine and before BC I probably wouldn’t have noticed this but my confidence was so shattered at diagnosis as I felt totally fine when it was just me and my lump, now of course I can’t even have a headache without suspecting brain mets!

I think I’d be more concerned if it was on the affected side. A good friend of mine is a GP so I’ll ask her opinion too.

Thanks everyone, I’ll keep you posted

Hi E,

Sorry to hear you are going through this stressful time again. I know we have both been in and out of touch over the past 3 years and i’m just sending you hugs to be positive hope and pray it is just the flu jab thats caused it.

I know what you mean about your confidence been totally knocked and i feel is a constant 3/6 month cycle of fear.

take care and do keep in touch
lots of love

Hi Sukes
Lovely to hear from you! hope all is well with the little one’s…
I feel much better today I got myself in a real state yesterday. I mentioned my symptoms to a friend of mine who’s a GP and casually tagged on to the end of my description - “so I can ignore this for a bit - right?” only to be told a most definite NO! so I went to see my own GP who poked and prodded, confirmed it was a lymph node and said I should get myself straight to the hospital. So in the end I phone my lovely BCN and she discussed it with the docs on my behalf. My consultant was actually very chilled about it and made it clear he would scan and biopsy it if I presented to him. Therefore I’ve decided to wait and see if it goes down on it’s own. It’s half term next week and we are going away for a few days so I’ve agreed to go back to clinic once they’re back at school if it’s still there. That way I don’t put myself through an unnecessary procedure so fingers crossed it’ll be gone in a week.
It’s not the same side as the BC so I’m now convinced it’s a reaction to the flu jab I had on the weekend - which was on the enlarged node side.

Fingers crossed eh? - such a pain to always have something to stress about!

Thanks to all the lovely people on this site who offered me aords of advice. Such a great resource to tap in to. I’ll keep eveyone posted on how it goes… xxxx