lump following breast reduction

Hi everyone , yet another question, sorry

I had a reduction and uplift on my good boob 3 months ago and six weeks before that i had a clear breast mri. Whilst doing a self exam yesterday i have found a new lump in the bottom of that breast, not along the scar line but off to the side.

I’m really reluctant to contact the brest care nurese as i had to phone herlast week after i started bleeding on my tamoxifen and zoladex. I am therefore convincing myself that

A nothing could have grown that fast after my breast mri

B fat necrosis and scar tissue is really common

What would help is to hear if others have developed lumps after a reduction

Thanks again



hello fuzzyface, i’m sorry you have found the lump, but they key here is to get it checked out and not worry that you are ‘bothering’ anyone…it’s exactly what they are there for, so phone up and get it checked please!

Hi narnia

Thanks for your reply know i should get it checked but i feel that i have never been away from their door. Can’t imagine its anything suspicious after such a short time. Still keen to hear about other experience please



I went to my GP today with the very same thing!
Had reconstruction-right side- and uplift on left boob in July. Last night I too felt a lump in left boob at the base of scar line but to one side. My GP said it may well be scar tissue but has referred me back to the hosp just in case. Always best to err on the side of caution so I’d get it checked out if i were you.
Good luck!
love Gill x

Hi just joined the website to see if anyone had this problem. I had my free tram flap reconstruction march and a reduction + uplift of right breast oct 08 and just the last few days under my breast to the side of scar it has got tender and feels a bit hard in one place it is also a bit pinky was going to go to doctors but keep thinking it will settle down. Im just worried about going as this was the final part of my journey and worry about having any problems let me know what you decide to do. Im dcue to see my plastic surgeon 23 dec keep thinking ill wait till then ? love joanx

after reading your comments decided to go to doctors this morning, as it was getting redder and more tender. He thinks it is an infectionmentioned cellilitus and gave me antibiotics. could not understand how infection got there as it has all healed lovely. said to give it a feww days if no better going to get in touch with hospital. so fingers and everything else crossed as ive had enough of hospitals now.

I went to the doctors this morning, she doesn’t think its fat necrosis as it feel a bit like a ball bearing and isn’t tethered so she thinks it might be a cyst. Unfortuanately she wants me to go back to the breast clinic so keeping everything crossed



H.i fuzzyface hope things are going ok . the antibiotics don’t seem to have worked. had to go to hospital sunday doctor there says she can feel a pocket of puss there but luckly an absess as not formed yet so she got me on a large dose of antibiotics if not change by tuesday night iv’e to go to doctors and may have to have the intravenusly . I feel like a voodo doll as it feels as though someone is sticking pins in me. Its making feel is it worth having my nipple done. after each op iv’e recovered very quickly after my tram flap (11 hours in theatre ) i was up + walking next day no probs till a little bug got there + now again another little bug fed up with the little bugg… joanx