Lump has grown quickly

Over the last few weeks a lump has formed in my breast. It is about 5cm long and is hard and painful. After a week of fear I went to doctors last Monday and now waiting for hospital appointment. I’m mostly worried how quickly its appeared and I’m sure it’s getting bigger. I’ve had to start wearing a bra all the time to support it and the pain only started a few days ago. Has anyone got any advice for me

Hi Shelley,the waiting with so much anxiety hanging over you is really hard,hopefully they will able to reassure you on the day of your appointment that it is nothing to worry about.There are other non sinister explanations for breast lumps .If you have a look at the other threads in this section you will see quite a lot of ladies reporting back after much anxiety saying there were other explanations for their symptoms .Good luck.Jill.

Thinking of you & sending positive vibes. Hopefully you’ve found things early & that it won’t be anything horrible. I agree, waiting is horrible. Your mind becomes filled with if’s & but’s. I stupidly ignored warning signs like pain & itching for so long. Now I have rashes, shoulder & arm pain along with lumps. I just want to go back to normality & enjoy my beautiful family. I so hope that for you tests will be clear & that your mind will be eased very soon! Sending my very best wishes your way!