Lump in armpit

Hi I just want to ask if someone here experience about lump in armpit. 2005 I was surgery in my right breast but is fibroadenoma. 2010 I felt something very painful in my breast so my doctor decided that I do mamogram. then the result is ok. 2012 I have little rashes in my breast and I undergo again mamogram ultrasound and biopsy. But all the result is good.nothing to worry. 2017 I gave birth my first baby a premature baby boy. I don’t have milk in my breast but little wet sometimes but when it dry in my clothes the color is yellow.but I didn’t put attention of it because I only think that’s normal. After 8 months my breast still have little yellow discharge until my baby become 2 yrs old. But now earlier this year I noticed that I have a little lump in my armpit I was scared because I checked in Google that if you have lump in armpit you might have cancer. But I also think maybe because my period is coming that’s why I felt lump in armpit. But until one month the lump is still there I decided to consult my doctor then I undergo again mamogram and result in mamogram is ok but my ultrasound is birads 4a now my doctor want me to do biopsy also but I’m still waiting my schedule in biopsy. I just want to ask is all the armpit lump mean cancer? Hope I can get some answer here thank you in advance…


It could be a number of things. I know it’s hard but try not to worry until you get the results of your biopsy.