lump in breast getting bigger after needle biopsy

Hi there this is the first time i have posted. I found a small lump and thickening of tissue on the side of left breast into the armpit. I have been to gp who refered me to hospital. I was seen by the hospital within a week. they did needle biospy and mamo and said they thought it was hormonal but im waiting for the results.

the lump got much bigger that night and has gone down a bit but still bigger than when i originally went.

has anyone else had the same experience. They also said that the mamo showed some changes in the left breast which was different from one i had in 2001. I am worried and waiting for the results.

thanks xxx

Hi Ja15Lizzy

I understand that this is difficult and worrying time for you, I am sure you will receive some support and advice from other users, but I just wanted to say that our Helpline is a great source of support and information during this waiting period, or they can just be a listening ear if you feel it might help you to talk.

The number is 0808 800 6000, they are open tomorrow from 9.00 am, so do give them a call if you need to talk.

Kind regards.


I remember my lump swelled after the needle biopsy and seemed to have another lump appear nearby. Also, a node under my arm came up, so I was really concerned something awful was happening. However, it turned out to be inflammation from the biopsy - sticking a needle in flesh creates an inflammatory response which means swelling, redness, tenderness etc and the node came up as a result. When I had the core biopsy a week later I got the radiologist to examine my “new” lumps and node and she said it was just fluid and explained why. I was glad about that as the lump went even bigger after the core biospy, so please try not to worry as it is highly likely that it is just a reaction to the needle.

thank you Cathy and Louise. I appreciate the advice. will let you know the results when i get them