Lump in right breast

Hi Everyone

I found a lump in my breast about 3 months ago and then forgot about it (silly I know), anyway a few weeks ago I rediscovered the lump which has now grown to about 2cms. Went to GP she could feel it straight away and referred me to my local breast care clinic. I went there on Thursday and the clinical fellow that examined me said she couldn’t feel a definitive lump but could feel breast thickening and has ordered a mammogram. I don’t understand how she couldn’t feel it, although I woke up that day pre menstrual and my boobs were very heavy and full compared to normal. My Mother was with me and is celebrating the ‘all clear’ that she seems to think I’ve been given but the lump is now very obvious again and until the mammogram I don’t feel like I have the all clear. I also have 2 lymph nodes up in my neck and have been horrendously tired. I feel very anxious that I’m not being taken seriously as the Clinical fellow at clinic said mammogram was just a baseline for mammograms when I become 50, I’m 40 at the moment. My paternal cousin had breast cancer last year at 29 and this makes the anxiety worse. I feel I’ve lost the support of my family since the appointment. Has anyone got any advice please

Hi Leandapanda,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care Discussion Forums. I’m sure other forum users will be along to offer you support but please do also give the BCC Helpline a call if it would help to talk to someone in confidence. Unfortunately it will be closed for the next couple of days due to the Bank holiday but will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January at 9am Tel 0808 800 6000.

With best wishes,
Anna, BCC Facilitator

Leandapanda I’m sorry you have this worrying time ahead…, did they give any indication of how long your likely to wait for a mammogram?

You can always go back to your gp or contact breast unit again if your not happy with things… But do try not to worry about it till you know what your dealing with (I know that’s easy for me to say) but even if it’s the worst news you will deal with it when the time comes… Worrying now won’t change the outcome but I know the waiting is the worst time and that’s when the wee demons get in your head.

Lulu x

Hi Lulu

Thanks for your reply. I have to wait up to 2 weeks for the mammogram. Hopefully the app’t will come soon, and it will pick up what I can feel. The Clinicsl fellow said it was normal breast tissue and it felt the same as the other breast - well I know it doesn’t. I felt like I was rushed in and out as quickly as possible and considering it was a one stop shop I don’t know why the mammo wasn’t done when I was there. I may go back to GP and ask for another referral to a different hospital.

I will try not to worry

Hello Leandapanda,

I found my lump and my doctor couldn’t - it did show up on the mamagram and is bc. The consultant couldn’t find it and was very impressed that I could. So well done you - whatever the news you have looked after yourself. My appointment came within 10 days. If you don’t hear anything for a few days - chase them up and go back to your Doctor and get them to chase them up also. You won’t relax until you knwo what it is but do try and keep yourself busy all them time and get some exercise. Fingers crossed for you, xx

Hi 30nov66

Thanks for your reply, it is so nice to communicate with others that have been in the same boat with regards to the waiting period and all that it entails.

I am sorry that your lump was bc but from what I can determine from reading different threads and their posts is that it’s the ‘not knowing’ that is the worst.

I am also quite surprised at how many people have been told that they don’t have lumps when to the individual the lump is obvious. I think our gut instincts are strong and often right. I know for the last few months I have felt like there is something wrong with me and I don’t feel myself. I guess I should have spoken up at my consultation but when the nurse and Dr doesn’t even introduce themselves and doesn’t talk you through what they are doing it left me a bit dumbstruck. At the mammogram I am going to be more assertive. Oh, and now my breasts have gone back to normal ( not pre menstrual anymore ) the lump is definitely more noticeable, so I shall mention this also.

Happy New Year

Hi All

Still waiting for Appointment for mammogram and have found a new lump yesterday, it is sitting on top of the ‘breast thickening’ and seems to be attached. At the moment things seem to be changing daily or it seems that way. I hope I don’t have to wait too much longer as this is frazzling my nerves.

Why not go back and see your gp again as maybe he can expedite your Mammo appt… Some lumps and bumps in the breast are normal too and your gp might be abkento tell if it feel like a cyst… But unAtil you have your Mammo you are in the horrible limbo land of worrying which for many is actually worse not knowing than finding out it’s something sinister… Fingers crossed it’s not anything serious… Do let us know when you get your appt though.


Hi Lulu

Thanks for your reply. Your right about the not knowing being the worst bit, I just want to know what I’m dealing with. I’m concerned about this new lump as it appears tethered and hard and it is sort of creeping round from underneath the original one. I still can’t accept that the Clinical Fellow at BCC suggested it was more like breast thickening and had me in all sorts of positions as she found it tricky to feel while laying flat. I’ve had people feel it and I give them no clue and they all have picked it up straight away.

I went to BCC on 29/12/11 and was told my app’t would be within 14 days ( for Mammo) and I still haven’t heard, I guess this will drag on because of the 2 long weekends we’ve had. Sorry to be a pain but I’m so frustrated.


Rang GP today to see if they could chase my app’t and was told - "we’ve done our bit by referring you so it’s now up to BCC to get things moving again, so I rang them and am unable to get through, I will try again on Monday, I’m finding this all a bit disheartening, just want to move on to whatever the future holds at least then I know where I stand in the grand scheme of things.

Got my app’t for mammo in the post today, it is on Friday 13th January. At least now I feel things are moving along

Hi Leandapanda

Good luck for tomorrow, i hope its good news, will be thinking of you. I have my appt for a mammo on mon 16th jan and also have a lump in my right breast, so we are in the same boat. My nerves are shot, the waiting and not knowing is torture.

Sam xx

Thanks so much Sam, you’re right the waiting is the worst, I just hope I get news either way tomorrow; fingers crossed. I will be thinking of you on the 16th too. Strange coincidence but my late Fathers birthday is 16 Jan. Anyway, that’s a bit off topic or maybe not as not having him here makes it all the more difficult - he was my best friend and the pain of losing him is still raw. Good luck for your mammo xx

Will be thinking of you tomorrow Leanapanda.

Big supportive hugs coming your way.


Hi Stella thanks for kind thoughts for tomorrow. Leanne xx

Hi All

Well had my mammo today and still have to wait up to 3 weeks for results, this is torture it seems like a constant waiting game. The radiologist wasn’t entirely sure the wait would be that long though. Oh well, bed down and see what comes my way.

Leanne xx

i’m 24 years old and recently discovered 2 fibroadenomas in my left breast (1: 16mm and 1: 0.75mm) and in my right breast (1: 16mm). i’m the only one who could feel one of them, the doctors couldn’t find them and thought that i was just paranoid until one of them took me a little bit seriously and asked for an echography. they told me it was probably benign but i’m scared. in my family we don’t have breast cancer but we do have a lot of other types of cancer. my doctor wanted me to wait for another echography but i was so scared so i asked to do a biopsy.
will the biopsy give me a clear answer?
please advice, i have no idea what to do? and i really can’t talk to anyone about it because they are all telling me that i’m just being paranoid.
please help me

Hi Kooks8

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. It sounds like you’re having a pretty tough time at the moment, I’m sure the users of this site will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk to a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer emotional support as well as practical information. The free phone number is 0808 800 600 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi all, I’m new to the site and have taken enormous strength from the comments on here. I’m 42, have 5 grown up children and two grandchildren and had cervical cancer at the age of 26 and had a hysterectomy but ovaries were conserved. I found a lump on Tuesday evening, went to GP on Wednesday (2.5cm right breast armpits normal) I received a phone call next day with appointment for Thursday 19th in the afternoon and had a confirmation letter yesterday. I’m the same as every other woman here worried beyond belief and going through the motions. I was ok until I read the letter and the stark reality hit home and I wept. I too have done the same imagined the worse and then tried not to think about it but Thursday seems such a long way off. My partner keeps telling me that on Thursday we will come out of the clinic skipping happily but I feel we need to talk about the what if… Is this really rational to try and do this before any tests let alone results?
Feel numb and already hate my breast for making me feel this way.

Hi Jess69

I am waiting for results of a mammo after finding a 2 cm lump in my right breast.

I can totally understand that you want to discuss the ‘what if’s’. I have felt the same way and I believe it is natural for your mind to want to prepare for bad news and that certainly means talking about it.

The way I have coped is to go through every scenario with my OH and how we will handle things, at the moment I feel like I’m in limbo and don’t want feel I can plan to far ahead as I don’t know what lies in front of me; but what I do know is thrashing it all out helps me cope with this waiting game.

Try not to worry as it doesnt change anything,easier said than done I know, map out a plan of action for a diagnosis or not and then try to put them to one side, even write your plans down and then your brain knows you’ve dealt with it and stops the constant scanning, seems weird but really helps.

Good luck with your app’t.

Leanne xx