Lump left breast.. Worried sick :(

Hi, I am 25 back last year I found a lump on my right breast I went to the doctor straight away who dismissed it as nothing I had no pain didn’t feel tender nothing, I wasn’t happy with this so I went back a few weeks later and saw a different gp who refered me to the breast clinic , all this time I was worried sick going out of my mind of thinking the worst I have a 4 year old daughter & was really concernd about this lump , I must say I didn’t really know if it was normal as I never really checked my breasts before so didn’t know if it had always been there or was new etc, anyway my apointment for the breast clinic came through like 10 wks after I seen the go which I thought was ridiculous I spent every day nervous, anxious my father was even ringing to see if they had cancellations etc in the end I was so worked up about if my father paid for me to be seen privately which I was within 2 days of ringing! £350 later… I was examined & given ultrasound was told was a fatty lump and that my breasts are ‘lumpy’ and that’s the way some peoples are I was relieved it was nothing more & got on with my life… Ever since then I have checked my breasts every month without fail and have got to know what is normal for me my breasts are quite lumpy which doesn’t bother me however I was doing my breast check yesterday and found a lump (about grape size) on my left breast nearer the top towards the armpit this immediately made me panic as I thought to myself I’m sure that wasn’t there when I last checked a few weeks ago! I have been having pains coming & going in my armpit and breast lately , I have made an apointment to see my doctor tomorow who I hope will refer me I just am scared stiff about having to wait weeks & weeks for the apointment like before , I’m praying it is just another fatty lump! It’s quite painful but not sure if that’s because I keep prodding it & poking it! Someone please help I’m worried sick :frowning: xx

Hello Hunbun3

This must be very difficult time for you, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime, maybe you would like to talk things through with a member of our helpline staff who are there to offer practical information as well as emotional support. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

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Hi hunbun3


Sorry you’re having to go through all this worry,  I know how horrible it is! Hopefully, if you’ve been told you have ‘lumpy’ breasts then this quite possibly will be another benign lump,  but obviously still very important to be checked. I’m not sure where you are in the country & not sure if referral times differ in different places.  I’m in Suffolk and once you’ve been seen by the GP the referral time is within 2 weeks, which happened in my case.  Or, if the GP is concerned, they can refer you as an emergency. Hope you get seen quicker than last year. Maybe mention to the GP how much stress and anxiety the wait caused you last year and ask what their guidelines are on referral times?


Best of luck. 

Jayne x

Thanks Jayne I went to the doctor on Friday who examined my both breasts she said my breasts don’t feel overly lumpy but she located the lump straight away and also seemed quite concerned about a lumpy area also on my left breast where the area feels different to the right breasts so she has referred me to a specialist , I do believe while I was waiting last year there is only one specialist in my area (South Wales) and he only does clinic on a one day week basis the other days he’s is private so I am unsure as to how long I will be left waiting :frowning: but I am going on holiday 2 weeks today can’t imagine I will get a apointment before then praying it is just a fatty lump again jane thanks for the reply x

Hi, I found a lump in my left breast last week but it is quite painful! I’m soo scared, how do you cope with the stress of it all my anxiety is going nuts :frowning: xx

Hi cazza, sorry to hear your in the same boat as me :frowning: mine was also painful for a few days but I think that was more so due to the fact I kept poking & prodding it over and over I have left it alone for the past few days and have had no further pain. Also I am due on my monthly in a few days and tend to get sore boobs before, I am just trying to keep positive and busy as that’s all you can do really I worried myself sick last year for weeks & weeks and it ended up to be just a fatty lump so there is nothing I can do untill I get my apointment through: just keep busy! Also I suffer with ibs so trying not to stress to much as I know my ibs will flare up. Have you been to see your gp about the lump? X

Hey, yea went to GP and he said he didn’t think it felt nasty?!? But has referred me to make sure! I was hoping for it to be an infection or something! I think I’m
Freakin out because it’s my left breast and stupidly googled my symptoms! Have you had your appointment through yet? I’ve been told everyone should get a referral within 2weeks by my GP xx

No I haven’t had my apointment through yet its been a week tomorrow since I saw my gp, I believe our nhs is different to the nhs in England (I am in Wales) and the 2 week referral time doesn’t apply here :frowning: so just trying to keep busy , we are going on holidays for a week Sunday and I would imagine my appointment will be through by the time I’m home & If not I guess il be paying £350 to go private again :frowning: keep busy I’m sure you have nothing to worry about and its just a beign lump let me know how you get on at the clinic x

Also cazza meant to add my lump is also in my left breast… And stay away from Google it can make you more worried and paranoid , I always used to google but like my doctor said you google stuff and you don’t even know what your googling for which is true keep strong :slight_smile:

I’m not sure then as people have said to me our nhs is different to England’s , also that baffles me because I don’t know how a gp can tell wether a lump is cancerous or Bengin I am sure they should just refer everyone ASAP really as they can’t really tell by just feeling the lump I believe anyway . She did say to me it was probably just another fatty lump , last time I was waiting for about 9wks for apointment my father in the end ended up paying private for me as I was in a state. This time I am just trying to stay positive. X

Thanks skinnyminx sorry to hear that you was told it was a cyst and it turned out not to be, I hope you are through it now and all clear. Yeah I understand the system would get clogged up if everyone was seen within 2wks I just don’t think gps understand how much of a worrying time it is for a woman to find a lump , I’m keeping my fingers crossed & praying it is just another fatty lump it feels like the fatty lump I was diagnosed with last year so praying & hoping. Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Got my appointment for this Tuesday! My Friend who works for the nhs England said to me all breast lumps are a 2 week referral, mine has also been marked urgent :confused: which I’m surprised about because he told me it didn’t feel nasty and suspected it was due to hormones! Xx

Better to be seen soon cazza then waiting. I’ve still not had nothing through been 9 days today since saw my gp. I’m not sure if they marked urgent but I guess not as I would of had my appointment by now … Oh well I have my fingers crossed for u Tuesday at the clinic please let us know how you get on x

Hey, great news! Went to clinic and the surgeon couldn’t feel any lumps and has said it’s all hormone & stress related! Still don’t feel completely happy tho as the GP who referred me felt a lump so just abit unsure, hope you get your appointment soon and keep me updated xx

Great news so pleased for you :slight_smile: did they not give u an ultrasound ? I would say if the specialist said it was ok then you have nothing to worry about however if you still don’t feel happy then go back to your gp and say this I will let you know how I get on , still no appointment through yet for mine! So glad you have good news :slight_smile: no more stress for you xx

Nope no ultra sound! My left breast is still very tender but think half of my problem is my anxiety makes it seem 10x worse! So will give it a couple of more weeks and see how I get on! Cant believe u still have no appointment! I would chase them up Hun xx

I’m actually on holiday at the moment will be home Sunday and contacting first appointments right away if there is still no appointment come as they have recieved my referal letter I spoke to the breast specialists secretary but she said to find out how far down the appointment List I was I would have to contact first appointments . I would ask for a scan if you feel not 100% happy as when I saw the breast specialiast before with a fatty lump he said it felt like nothing but said I could have an ultrasound if I wanted which I did too be certain. It’s the pain int breast which concerns me it seems to come sometimes but it is pain in both breasts/ will let you know how I get on.x

Just to update you all that I have my appointment 14th of October so a week tomorrow. Which means just over 4 weeks since I saw my gp with the lump which is alot speedier then the last time I waited. As I’ve never been to a nhs breast clinic can anyone tell me what to expect? As when I was seen before it was private all the woman said was that I was being seen in the under 40s clinic. I have been quite positive about it but the last week i have been getting awful bad pains In my breast which seem to be happening more so, I don’t know what to expect really :frowning: also cazza how are u feeling? X

Hi, I just wanted to post and say hi. My appointment is 13th and I’m worried sick as I don’t know what to expect. Although I haven’t been waiting half as long as you. I saw my gp last Thursday. I’m 31 and I have a painless lump to the left side of my left breast and a long indentation line that runs from under my nipple right around to the site of the lump. Thinking of you

Hi dmcf. Sorry to hear that you are going through the same :frowning: just try and be strong by this time next week you will know and fingers crossed you have a good outcome. I’m actually quite surprised that I have had my apointment so soon the last time I waited about 12wks for my appoinwntment to even come through! In the end I was feeling so down I paid to go private luckily last year it was just a fatty lump (mine was painless too) so fingers crossed that’s what you have. I’ve noticed I have about 4 lumps in my left breast so I will be askin the specialist about them it’s the pain thats getting to me as the pain was coming & going know its pretty much there all the time and found it quite Hard to sleep lAstnight with the pain :frowning: I think I have already prepared Myself for the worst / I’ll be thinking of you let me know how you get on & stay off Google as Its all horror stories on there this is the best site to use/ will be thinking of you x