Lump next to nipple that can't be felt by touch


I’m 41 years old and have a 6 week old baby. In the third trimester of pregnancy, a small ‘lump’ right next to my nipple appeared. Its very difficult to describe and I can’t find anything online that can obviously explain it. It’s not defined, completely soft and is only noticeable when I take my bra off, whereby my nipple is pushed to one side. It’s even less noticeable now I’m breastfeeding, but it’s still there. It essentially disappears when the nipple is exposed/erect/during feeding. There’s also a slightly dark coloured streak coming out from the direction of where this ‘lump’ is. I sometimes get a very tiny stabbing pain during and after feeding. But I cannot actually feel anything in the area. So it looks like a raised area/small smooth lump that is very soft and can’t be felt at all. No pain or mass can be felt when I squeeze the area. It’s not getting bigger, as far as I’m aware. It just worries me as it’s an inexplicable change.

In 2014 I had stage 3 bowel cancer, had a colectomy and 8 rounds of chemo. It took 6 weeks to be properly diagnosed. So whilst I’m aware that this could be age or baby-related, I want to know if it could be cancer. I don’t want to be fobbed off on the outset just in case.

I’m having my 6 week post-natal check with the GP on Monday, so I will ask then. I’m also due to have a CT scan in September.

Can anyone enlighten me in the meantime? Is it something I should pursue further if I’m told it’s baby-related without proper tests?

Thanks in advance x

Hi Eliza,
Any breast change should be properly investigated. What usually happens that your gp should qrefer you to the breast clinic under the 2 week rule, especially in view of your history.
Mostly, there is a benign reason for the breast change, but only the clinic can get to the bottom of it, it’s not likely it will happen, but dont be fobbed off, it needs propeer investigation.
If you want to, do let is know how you get on
& also do give the helpline here a call if you want to talk it through.
ann x

I agree with Ann. It needs to be checked, especially in light of your medical history. I would be very firm re the connected to baby stuff! Needs properly investigating. X

I would say that it is worth mentioning to your GP and see if you can get a referral to get checked out to put your mind at rest. You have enough to worry about with your little one at the moment.

Thanks everyone.

I’ve got my postnatal checkup this afternoon, I’ll tell the gp then.