Lump on mammo not ultrasound?

Hi everyone! 

I had my second mammogram and results came back “asymmetrical” and needing diagnostic imaging to investigate further.

I had my follow-up mammogram (more images) and ultrasound.  They a 6mm “nodule” that shows up in the mammogram, but not on ultrasound. 

I’m now waiting for a steriolithic biopsy to find out what this bump is.  All other tissue looks normal, they say, and they don’t feel too high a concern about it.  I’m trying to stay in a non-worried mindset, but I can’t get it off my mind as many of you can imagine.  This testing waiting testing waiting is just awful.

Has anyone had experience with things showing up on a mammogram but not ultrasound?

I’ve not had the same exact experience but my lump ( which was an early Grade 1 cancer )  was 8mm on mammogram - very small . It showed up as 5-6mm on ultrasound and the Ultrasonographer struggled to find it at all. I’m quite sure that it’s possible for a 6mm nodule to not be visible on ultrasound. . 

 I remember the waiting , at the time it made me feel helpless and frustrated particularly as I had a procedure which failed. I was aware at the time that it had almost certainly failed but I had wait for the results to confirm that it had failed before I was allowed to progress to lumpectomy.

  It’s natural to be worried and with the best will in in the world it’s very difficult to be calm/ positive all the time and nobody including you should expect you to be.

 You will get your answers , and I hope you don’t have to wait long for them . Its difficult because it’s hard to plan when you don’t know what’s going to happen or when. I found doing things that made me happy in the moment helped me to enjoy at least some part of every day.

 Time really drags when you’re waiting for answers but its less 11 months since I had the routine mammogram which picked up my breast lump and it hasn’t been easy but I can honestly say that I’m ok now .

I’m hoping things work out as well ( or better) for you . X