lump on mastectomy scar

Yesterday I discovered a red hard lump on my mastectomy scar - my op was performed after a recurrence in '05. The lump is small pea sized with a red mark - bit like a flea bite, but only one.

I was lucky enough to get an appointment to see the consultant today and I’m in for surgery under local on Thurs. I can’t believe it could be another recurrence, but I do have to consider that it may be.

Has anyone else had just one lump on the scar - what was it??
Love Flora

Hi Flora

Sorry to hear your news. I too have a lump on my mastectomy scar - biopsy done yesterday. Only had surgery in June after a local recurrence from last year’s lumpectomy. You’re right , you can’t believe it could happen for a third time but you have to face up to it. It’s a very worrying time.

My lump is also like a flea bite but my skin is still recovering from radio therapy and this last lot of surgery.

When do we get a break?

Best wishes


Hi Jane,
So sorry to hear about the lump on your mastectomy scar. I didn’t have my op on Thurs because the lump statred to fade…I think it was a very well aimed mosquito bite!
I’m being reviewed in 3 weeks and if it’s not totally gone I’ll have it removed.
I really hope your lump is nothing concerning and that you can begin to recovery fully very soon.
Best wishes to you, I’d like to know how you’re getting on if you feel like replying,
Flora x

Hi Flora

I seem to have sprouted a few more - they are quite weird really -maybe all at different stages - but none that big. I have had a biopsy on one and the initial result was inconclusive - back this Thursday to get second result. Consultant says it might be a case of watch it and see. All a bit alarming really.

How are you doing?