lump opposite side to lumpectomy

I had a lumpectomy 12 months ago &radiotherapy finished 9 months ago
I now have a hard lump on the other side from lumpectomy site , called bcn and she said not to worry
I am worried as it’s sore to touch not sure if it’s scar tissue fro radiotherapy , not sure what to do next ?

Ring again and ask to be seen,could be nothing but you need to be sure .Im surprised your BC nurse didn’t suggest you get it looked at.Good luck!!!

Hi there, I had lumpectomies on both sides a year ago followed by radiotherapy and, like you, now have all sorts of lumps and bumps which I worried about.  I was told though that this is partly due to the surgeon “re-arranging” the remaining tissue during the ops but also hardening of the scar tissue during radiotherapy. I am still quite sore 10 months after finishing treatment and again was told that this is not unusual as some react more strongly that others. If you have not yet had your first annual check then it must be pretty soon and hopefully that will reassure you that all is ok. Take care  Sue xx

Thank you

Thank you I’m going to call again today