Lump or cyst .?

I’m 29. Just been to doctor today with a lump I found over the weekend. I’ve been referred to the hospital breast clinic although she didn’t seem too worried. I on the other hand am petrified! I don’t know what to think or feel. So here I am. Hello all. :slight_smile:

Hello Khall,


Sorry you find yourself in this position, it’s not very nice is it. Try to stay positive though, most lumps turn out to be nothing to worry about and the good thing about being referred to the breast clinic is, it’s quick, you should be seen within a couple of weeks.

I saw my Doctor yesterday and am also waiting for my breast clinic appointment. Keep your chin up, sure, we’ll both be fine.


Hugs x


Exactly the same for me I’m 27 - terrified and praying for better news!
It is super scary, I know for me I feel like worrying to much is bad but acting like it will be fine would be stupid especially if it turns out bad!
I’m with you! Let me know what happens xx

I know how scary it is i have my appointment at breast clinic thursday i have a lump in my arm pit (lyth node) and the past few days ive noticed a small lump in my breaast at the side im 32 got 4 kids and super scared the waiting is taking its toll ive started getting back and rib pain and think its due to stress from what ive been reading xx big hugs to you all xxxx

The waiting is definitely taking its toll. I’ve made myself sick with worry the last couple of days and barely managed to eat anything. I’ve now convinced myself that my nipple on that side looks slightly different as in the shape of it is longer and the other one is rounder.

I called the appointment office three times today to check for cancellations to see if I can be seen earlier. A whole week.of feeling like this now :frowning:

Everytime i look at my 2 year old boy I start welling up. We are supposed to be putting the Christmas tree up this weekend i just can’t seem to look forward to anything or enjoy my son as I have this hanging over me like a black cloud. I even missed my last adult ballet class tonight which I had been enjoying and have been on stupid Google and Internet searches for 3 hours straight now (since my son went to bed).

I just keep reading such horrible stories so everytime i tell myself it’s fine, I’ve got no family history, I don’t smoke etc. I’ll read about someone exactly my age with the same set up who has had bad news and I have convinced myself I’ll be one of them. How am I supposed to enjoy christmas and my sons birthday if I get bad news next week?

To add to all of this we are supposed to be trying for baby number 2 but now I’m thinking do I wait until after the clinic appointment? Or go ahead incase I have to have treatment in future that makes me infertile and this may be our last change for number 2?!

OMG I am just a paranoid mess. Thankyou for anyone who has bothered to read this far down. It’s nice to get it all out in writing.

K x

Your not the only one ive googled and read most sutes i think but u know just talking on here and gettin it wrote down has really helped but i know how u feel it is like a black cloud and its consumes u but i have found just gettin stuck in doin something with the kids really helps u do that tree hun and take ur mind of it even if its only for a few mins big hugs hunni xxxx

hi khall, waiting is the pits, but it will get sorted out, mostly all turns out be well & the chances are it’s nothing serious.
If, on the off chance it is more serious, bc is very treatable these days, with most women going onto recover.
ann x

Update! I had my clinic appointment today…!

So thankfully I actually work in a Hospital and I asked the breast secretary to let me know if anyone cancelled their appointment before Tuesday and I would take it. (I hadn’t eaten for 2 days with worry and was in tears last Night over it)

Anyway after just 5 minutes she came to my desk and said that the consultant will see me if I go straight down to the clinic so without a second thought (and without my husband unfortunately) I went down to the clinic and was seen straight away. As soon as she examined me she said it feels like normal lumpy tissue but agreed to do an ultrasound to confirm. My husband made it in time for the scan from work and this showed two small cysts in the glands that were close to the surface which is why I could feel the lump!

I can’t even explain how relieved I feel and am so grateful that they were able to see me so quickly. I was back at my desk in under an hour with a huge smile on my face :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share and spread some hope.for those awaiting their clinic appointments. Wishing you all the best luck. Xx

That is fantastic news im so happy for hunni ? may i ask if your lump was on the breast or armpit i have my appointment tomorrow xx

Thankyou. My lump is in my right breast, above and to the left of my nipple. Good luck for tomorrow.xx

Thank u for reply lv mines in my armpit really hoping its a cyst or fatty lump and small bump at side of breast and thank u hunni xx

Hi lv my lump wasnt a swollen lymph node it was breast tissue rised in the arm pit may be due to breastfeeding ultra sound was clear im so relieved i actually cried with happiness xxxx

Ah that’s great news Sarah! :slight_smile: