lump size reduction

I have had fec-t to reduce the size of my tnbc lump but it did not appear to work.

I would like to know what proportion of lumps are reduced in size by fec-t.

Did it work for you?

May be worth posting this in the chemotherapy section you may get more responses .Jill.

Thanks for  your reply, Jill.

 My lump was TN so I was only interested in what fec-t does to tn lumps.

It probably works better on some other types of cancer, but did little for mine.

Ok Caroline -hopefully you will get some feedback soon.

Hello Caroline,

I’m very sorry that you’re having to go through treatment. 


I had FEC-T beginning August 2016. I had my initial lump removed before chemo, but managed to grow another TN lump whilst on FEC-T. I was very angry as during chemo my oncologist and a surgeon thought the lump (that was at the biopsy site) was a cyst. Once it was removed and tested it turned out to be cancer.


Anyway, I was given 6 cycles of Capecitabine. Finished this in May. I’m currently okay.


I hope this helps and I send you my best wishes. If you want to ask me anything else, feel free to send me a message.


Lots of love,



Got my pathology report today.

my NPI is 6.8