Lumpectomy and reconstruction/implant

Hi. I had a lumpectomy recently and over the last 7 weeks my breast has shrunk quite dramatically compared to the other one. I am told it could shrink further once my rads has ended (i have had 5 out of 20 rads so far).

Also my stitches, under breast and armpit were so tight, I feel like I have been butchered. Even my BCNs noticed how tight they were. I have chording under the arm and have to do physio every day to try to ‘stretch’ the scar and am told this could take up to a year to resolve. But worst of all, the scar under my breast has been pulled so tight it has formed a deep groove, so looks like a stupid grin under my nipple, with no sign of it improving. This isnt helped by the scar tissue either side being really hard, it feels solid. The scar under my breast isnt in a straight line either, it’s all jaggedy.

So, I am now thinking I should have some corrective surgery, to see what can be done to rectify the obvious scar on my breast, and maybe while I am at it have a small implant to bring me back in balance. I think that if i am going to have surgery on the scar I may as well have the implant at the same time.

Has anyone else had experience over tight stitches - if so how did you deal with it? and is it possible to have implants months or so after the lumpectomy? (i may have to leave it until next year as i will run out of sick leave at work if I have it this year)

Of course I am grateful the cancer is out but the scar has not ended up how they told me it would and I believe that the junior doctor who stitched me up did them so tight it has ruined my looks.