Lumpectomy and reduction?

I’m having lumpectomy on 11 July,Mucusious cancer gr 1, Anyone see any reason I cant have a breast reduction on other breast at same time please?

I don’t know anything about your particular cancer, but I did have 2 WLEs, one large one small, and asked for a bit more to be taken from the small cancer side at the same time to even things up. The opinion seemed to be that’s it’s better to wait til after all treatment esp rads cos it may change the shape/consistency of the WLE breast, particularly if you are on the small side. Your onc will give you the best advice for your particular case, and it may be that they want everything to settle down for a few months, so they can see exactly what’s needed on the other side to make your boobs match up. I believe that reduction may be done at the same time as WLE if you are larger cos they have a bit more to play with as it were. My larger WLE boob is now a super shape cos the onc ‘shuffled things around a bit’ during the op, so I didn’t get the deformity I had been expecting - and dreading! Just deciding now about a bit of nip & tuck on the larger boob, but as I had rads on both sides that does need careful thought cos wound healing can be slow on irradiated tissue.
Hope this helps a bit, I’m sure you will get more info from others

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