Lumpectomy and SNB next week

This limbo of not knowing the stage is just hellish. I cannot sleep, lost my appetite and joy for life and now my cat has been run over and killed, plus my father also has bone marrow cancer. I keep asking myself why me, which is a silly question i know. Knowing what i am facing i feel will make me feel more in control. God i hope so.

Hiya, It’s the absolute pits and like your world is crumbling around you, then someone up there seems to think it’s the ideal time to dump more grief on you! I had the same upon diagnosis last year, the catalogue of events that followed was just unbelievable and I lost any joy in life for a while but your fight will return and you will deal with it, having a definate treatment plan will put you back in some control and you will feel so much stronger and able to cope Xx Jo 

Thankyou for your kind words

Hi tazcaz78

Oh my - it is not just raining - it is pouring! I am not surprised that you are feeling the way you do.

I was diagnosed this January, just after having been able to secure a new job after 9 months of unemployment. I have had my share of challenges along the way, trying to retain my job, which I have now lost. My mother lives in Germany and has been in and out of hospital with heart problems throughout my chemotherapy and I am very fearful for her, as she is 82. I am on my own, so I cannot share any of the burdens, which have to be faced.

There have been times, when I truly felt that I wanted to give up on everything - but then I looked out of the window - and watched a sun rise or sunset - and it helped me feel better again.

Dealing with a diagnosis is very difficult for many - then having to manage other problems on top of it sometimes really does need a herculean effort. Having lost your cat must be so painful. I have a cat myself and am not sure, what I would have done without him through this time.

Once your know more about your diagnosis and your treatment plan starts to take shape - you are likely to feel much better. You may regain some of the control of your life, which you may feel you have lost.

It really is a question of one step at a time -and each step is likely to give you back the ability to look forward.

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Sue xx