Lumpectomy - Different Options - Help!

Just had appt with my surgeon following my chemo. Good news in that chemo has reduced 5cm lump significantly, so lumpectomy now an option. Indeed he steered me away from mastectomy, although it is also still an option. But given I will need rads whatever, the leaning is towards lumpectomy (I think … I’m so confused!)

SNB earlier had one positive node out of two, so all nodes to be removed, which he kind of indicated was a fairly major part of the surgery.

Biggest concern though is that surgeon gave me different options for lumpectomy, and I really don’t know what is for the best - he said it’s down to personal preference. Apologies as I’m not up to speed with the technical lingo, so will explain it as I took it in!
-First option is straightforward incision and removal of lump with margins. As lump was quite big before chemo, removal of all bad bits will leave sizeable indentation.
-Second option is more complicated, cut round nipple, down and under breast, removal of lump with margins. Leaving more natural looking breast. Good breast also gets same, so reduced to leave matching pair.

So for natural looking results, need longer operation and surgery to good breast. Is it worth it? Has anyone had a choice like this? Those that have had either option done - what did you think? Sorry its a bit of a ramble, but my heads spinning, so I’d appreciate your thoughts on it all!! Thanks,

PS Will be speaking to BC nurse over next few days for more info, but I would value your opinions too

No I wasn’t given a choice but I’d want to k now the pros and cons and maybe some idea of possible complications with each and how common they are. would op round nipple affect sensitivity of nipple? presumably the advantage would be no obvious scarring on the breast as it would be hidden


I didn’t have an option - probably cos my lump was thought to be 22mm on scan (turned out to be smaller at 16mm when removed). Didn’t have chemo at this stage so 1st treatment was lumpectomy. My lump was at the edge of my boob heading in the diredction of my right armpit so only one incision needed to get to lump and nodes. My boobs are fairly small (b cup) so reduction on one or both would have meant no boobs at all probably. I have a small dent - more like a crease) in my right boob now but nothing too noticible.

I think it’s down to your own personal choice as to how important matching boobs will be for you after your surgery.

I’m sure your chat with the BC Nurse will help. Good luck with your decision and your surgery. Speedy recovery.

Thanks Mole & Lilacblushes, your replies are really helpful. Still not decided, but got a few days to ponder it all yet! Thanks,

I had a mastectomy, so can’t comment on a lumpectomy, but with the mastectomy I have lost all sensation on that side, and I understand that will always be the case even with a reconstruction. So having sensation on my good side is extremely important to me. Is there any danger that you could lose any sensation in your good side? I’m sure there is someone here who can answer this, otherwise your surgeon, and it’s probably not a problem with the surgery being offered to you, but it would be worth checking.

I had a lumpectomy a few weeks ago - in April. I had nipple taken off - lump out and nipple back on. There are some little feelings finally coming back into the nipple now - and it looks kind of ok - although you can still see whats happened - and was very easy op and recovery took approx 2 weeks . If i now didnt need a mastectomy I would be reasonably happy with it!! As it happens its all coming off anyway - but i guess going in via the nipple means there is no obvious scarring left behind - its a neat way of doing it…
good luck with whatever you decide

Hi Scotta

I had the lumpectomy, re-shape and reduction on good boob. All nodes removed. I’ve got to say I’m really pleased with the results! smaller certainly but much perkier! I was a 38d and now I would say I’m a b or c. They thought perhaps they wouldn’t be able to save my nipple on bad boob but they did!. I had my op 3 weeks ago and I’ve got to say I’m almost back to normal now. (KEEP DOING THE EXCERCISES THEY GIVE YOU - THAT’S SO IMPORTANT!) One thing I would say is that I was surprised and how big my scar was for the node removal. Its about 6 inches - I thought it would be tiny.

Hope this helps love - if you get the same option as me I’d say go for it. We have to think of how we are going to feel longer term!

If I can help in any way please feel free to ask anything


I had Lumpectomy 2 week ago, I now look as though have had a lift on bad boob it is much higher than good one (am 47 so gravity has def won on other one!) wasn’t offered any treatment to make them both look same, and am now due to have more tissue removed to increase margin, dread to think what it’s gonna end up looking like. Think I will have to ask if option is available!

Helen xx

Thanks everyone, your comments and stories have been so helpful - especially Ali who seems to have had exact same op. It’s so good to hear how others have got on - both good experiences and bad - I always find it helps make my decision easier. Thanks for taking the time to respond, off to see the surgeon now …