lumpectomy onThursday

I was dianosed on the 23 October with DCIS breast cancer and my op in on Thursday. I am having a wide local excition and a sentinel lymph node biopsy. They explained all that will be happening to me but the closer it gets, I seem to be forgetting everything they have said to me. I go for my pre admit tomorrow afternoon so we get to learn more then. I have been really positive about my results as Iknow I am so lucky compared to others and I found it so early. (woke up in the night, hand on boob, and thought hello, what you doing there?) I think today its hit me what is about to happen and now I am really nervous and a bit scared, what if they got it wrong and they find its worse than they think…I supposes this is normal. Can anyone give me some idea what to expect especially afterwards?


Panic setting in now



Hi Nicki, so sorry that you have had joined this unwanted’club’, but you’ve come to the right place for support and advice :-).


I had a lumpectomy in June as like yourself my lump was found very early, it was done in the day surgery unit as an afternoon appointment but I had to be at the hospital at 9.00 to have a scan and then on to the Breast unit to have the guide wire inserted prior to surgery.  This was quite straight forward and didn’t hurt, just a little uncomfortable. I had 2 lymph nodes removed along with the lump.


After surgery I had a plastic dressing over the 3" wound and was uncomfortable and restrictive in movement for a while but I went on holiday 2 1/2 weeks later and was swimming in the sea which was great for getting movement back.  


I went back to work after 6 weeks, I could have gone back sooner but I had a 2 week holiday already booked within that time.


Hope this helps, very best of luck for tomorrow, regards Suzie xx

Hi Nicki,

Deep breaths time!  You are getting on with getting rid of this b____r and getting on with the rest of your life.  I had my 2cm invasive ductal carcinoma removed nearly a year ago.  At the time it seemed like the worst thing ever but now I can look back and thank my lucky stars that like you I found it early.  

I had my radioactive tracer injection the day before since I was first on the list (barely felt it then went off to night class!).  Blue dye was done in theatre and that was one surprise - it took months and months (and months!) for my nipple to return to a normal colour - not the 6 weeks I was told but really no big deal.

i was fortunate due to the position of my lump that my surgeon managed to access my lymph nodes through the same wound - bruised and swollen due to a bit of rummaging around but not too bad.  

Best advice from my surgeon was that there are no awards for bravery so to take the painkillers regularly in the first few days rather than waiting to be really sore.  So important to keep your shoulder range of movement from early on so good pain relief helps that too. 

Be kind to yourself, let others take care of you and don’t be sensitive if friends or acquaintances don’t say the right thing … they’re only human!  Most people mean well even if they don’t always express themselves well and if they don’t mean well then they don’t matter! 

Huge hugs for Thursday - ask anything you want!

Kitt. Xx

Aw naw! How could we have forgotten to warn you about the throat!!! Don’t know why Strepsils don’t come round with the drug trolley ! So glad it all went smoothly and your boys are suitably entertained?