Lumpectomy planned for 16th March

I am new to forums, new to this website and new to breast cancer - what a lucky girl to have three new experiences in less than two months! I saw my surgeon earlier this week and he said that lumpectomy followed by Radiotherapy is the recommended treatment for me and of course I have lots of questions in my head. I see the breast care nurse next week and will put most of them to her I guess but wonder if other ladies can pass on advice or helpful hints to help me prepare for all that is about to happen?
Many thanks

Just want to say hello and welcome to club no one really wants to join!
Everyone is so helpful and supportive with advice and just a listening ear if you need a moan.
I had a mastectomy as I was lucky enough to have 3 lumps! So I can’t advise much on the surgery but I think its safe to say that most of us would say that the waiting is worse than the surgery itself.
Be kind to yourself and try not to let your mind run away!
Take care and good luck,

Hi Anne

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis but would like to welcome you the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums.

As well as the support you will receive from the other users you may find the BCC resourses pack helpful. It has been designed to provide information for those newly diagnosed. If you would like a copy please follow this link:-

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the response and the link - I now have a resource pack on it’s way.
Many thanks

Hi Hattie!

I found the lumpectomy no problem and was out of hospital the next morning. They said I could go home on the same evening as day of op but I declined that! I had a SNB (Sentinal Node Biopsy) and 3 lymph nodes removed - all clear. This all happened last June and I now have a very small pink scar on the top of my breast which is fading fast and a small scar under my arm. Four weeks later I had 5 weeks of radiotherapy (large boobs!) and drove myself every day without problems. So I’m sure you will cope well with what’s to come. It seems to be the chemotherapy which can pull people down. Best wishes.

Hi Hattie, I’m the same as you, but as your op is on the 15th and mine 20th, I will be looking to see how you get on! Good luck for 15th, Debs x

Hi Hattie

I had Lumpectomy and 4 nodes removed(All clear) on the 12th Feb. I like redders opted to stay in hospital overnight and I’m glad I did. Went home next morning My scars are fading fast. Three pieces of advice - Take it one stage at a time, Do the exercises and also pamper yourself! I’m now gathering my energies for three weeks of Radiotherapy in May at the Sussex Royal. Good luck and let us know how it goes. EdnaXX

HI Edna,
I was surprised to see such a gap between surgery and Radiotherapy February to May. I’d thought the one would pretty much follow the other. I guess it might vary person to person a little bit. The breast care nurse is coming to see me today so maybe I’ll learn a timescale from her. Thanks for your good wishes.

Hi Hattie

I had a lumpectomy 11 days ago - I stayed in overnight and am not having any problems with recovery. The op site is still swollen and bruised and hurts from time to time but only when I have tried to do too much. The scar is also nowhere near a big as I thought.

Most of my problems were before surgery - the op was delayed twice due to low blood counts and infections.

I’ve been told that I will have radiotherapy about 6 to 8 weeks after the op. Apparantly the scar has to have time to heal properly before rads can begin.

Good luck with your op - hope all goew well.


Well ladies, things are falling into place now that I have seen the bc nurse and had some conflicting information sorted out - this included another visit to the surgeon prior to his clinic on Tuesday where he examined me again and confirmed that he would need a guidewire insertion. Apparently on first examination the lump was easily palpable but that may have been due to swelling from the biopsy. This week I’ve been told the lump is still palpable but very small therefore the guidewire would assist the surgeon during my operation.
I got a rough timeline from the nurse at it seems that as my RT will be given at the Yorkshire Cancer Centre which has a lot of patients and will probably start some six weeks after the lumpectomy. Coincidentally I had to see my GP on Tuesday morning and on telling him all this he gave me a sick note for thirteen weeks - takes me into June! However, if I feel well enough to return to work earlier I can soon get a ‘signing off note’ from him.
I’m taking it easy this week, as much as I can anyway, and doing a bit of pamepering as suggested. I’ll update some time after surgery. Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement.
Hattie (Anne)

Hi Hattie, sounds like things are getting organised.

I had my results today from my lumpectomy on the 25/2. Had 5 lymph nodes taken out and given the all clear. Spent 6 days in hospital and will have taken nearly 4 weeks sick leave. I’m taking holiday leave for a further 2 weeks and my boss has suggested working part time during radiotherapy.

Fine in theory! But my BCN told me that not everyone can work during radiotherapy so shall just have to try it and see.

Hi Hattie

I had a guidewire insertion prior to surgery - quite a strange experience but not painful. Done under a mammogram and local anaesthetic. What was strange is that the wire is left sticking out, although it gets taped down it’s a bit odd knowing its there.

Anyway good luck for your surgery next week. Hope all goes wll

Hi Hattie, glad to some of your responses, they are helping me! I have to have guidewire inserted too. Good luck for 15th Debs x

Hi Hattie - welcome to the site, sorry you are here but good luck all the way X
I have just had lumpectomy and SNB 2 days ago. I was only in hospital overnight. Its really good to be able to go home so soon. I feel a bit sore but not as bad as i had thought it would be.No drains so that is good. Under arm is probably the worst bit for being sore. Dont know about my scar yet as have quite big boobs and dressing is covering most of my boob at the moment. The district nurse will come to take out my staples next Thursday. I am told i will be informed by letter of the date of the results (approx 3 weeks). I am gonna try & take it easy in the meantime as the lead up to getting this far has been a bit surreal & just getting to grips with it all. I understand if all clear I will start Rads for 4 weeks and then fingers crossed that will be me done :slight_smile: - Hope all lgoes well for you XXX

Hi Again

I was told the gap between surgery and Radiotherapy was ‘to allow everything to heal’ before I’m assaulted again. I had to have a wire inserted before surgery and was under the impression I would be given a local - but no! I can tell you it bought the tears to my eyes, I was totally unprepared for it being done without a local. So my advice to anyone is DEMAND a local. Also I woke up in a ward with four men! Only bed that could be found for me I was told! Anyway that’s all behind me now just the Radiotherapy, bone scan to establish bone density and 5 years of Arimidex. Which to me seems like a walk in the park after reading some of the stories here.

Hi Hattie (and debs too)since we’re all in the same situation,
I was diagnosed on 11th march (33rd bday great timing!!)and am due for surgery on 24th march.
Thinking of you both. Kathryn x x

Hattie, good luck for tomorrow, hopefully you will be out and about soon to let me know before 20th! Kathryn thinking of you too! x

Hi Hattie, and everyone else on this thread,
Bit late with the Good Luck, Hattie - you will have it behind you when you next post - so lots of hugs for post op, hope all went OK for you.

I should have had op on 5th March, but due to a slight hiccup - now scheduled for 2nd April - really dragging out this waiting game! Nice to know you lovely ladies are paving the way for me - I’ll be taking reassurance from you all as the date gets nearer!

Looks like we are all following up with the radiotherapy as well, so please share top tips there as well.

My GP signed me off work last week, she said that this waiting for results etc was stressful, and she did not have a problem with a sick note. Although I really do NOT want to be working as I am really tearful and feel like I just want to think about myself for once - I actually feel guilty, as physically - I feel really well!
How is everyone else on that one? And Lulu - totally agree with your BCN, it is up to you to know if you can work PT through Rads, not your boss!
Love to all - these discusions are really great - I have found it so helpful to feel that there are people who know how I am feeling
LizzyM X

Hi everyone, so many good wishes from you and the reassurances re guidewire, RT, time off sick etc have helped me a lot, Thank You.
As you can see by the date I am home after having the lumpectomy with guidewire insertion and SNB. For those of you about to have this procedure I am pleased to say that the most I felt was a little hurt when the guidewire was ‘anchored’ as the doctor felt the end of the wire had rested against a nerve, but a bit more local anaeasthetic stopped that and she could continue with no discomfort to me. The insertion of the isotope was just a stinging injection and once it was given the stinging stopped. I have two separate incisions and both were closed by ‘glue’ and Dermabond. I am bruised of course and have extra colours of yellow and turquoise from the pre-op skin cleanse and the dye for the SNB. I can wash off the yellow, gently, today but the other colours will fade in time as they are in me rather than on me.
Post operatively I felt discomfort only and the nurse’s scale of deciding how much pain I had was from 0 to 10 and at most I said 3, today I would say it is at 1. I left hospital earlier than originally planned for yesterday as they needed my bed so was home just after ten and rested a while when I got home then had a sleep in the afternoon.
I slept very well last night - the first time in over a week and this morning I feel ‘my old self’ with a bit of discomfort. I am doing the exercises recommended by the BCN and already can do the hairbrushing with my left arm. I now wait two weeks to see the surgeon and get the results of the SNB which I’m hoping will be clear.
My thanks to all of you who have gone before me and helped me prepare for my op day and my good wishes for all of you who are about to follow this operational pathway. I hope my account helps you to calm any fears you have about the surgery. The positive approach we’ve all met from members who have experienced this procedure already should help us all to take each stage as a step at a time and not worry ourselves with dark imaginings.
Hattie (Anne)xx

Welcome back, Hattie, glad to hear that you are OK. Make sure you take it easy and be good to yourself. It is a lovely morning here, hope you are seeing the sunshine as well!

You really have reassured me with the positive way you have dealt with your op - I’ll be reading and re-reading it a few times before mine! Thank you!

Hope everyone else on this post is OK, keep in touch,