Lumpectomy recon - what is available?

Sorry not sure if in the right place, but having just had a lumpectomy I am left with a hollow that is all wrinkled - will any form of recon be available to me? My surgeon mentioned the possibility of fat injections just before going under, but no idea when I will ever get to see him again.

Hello small1

I had lumpectomy (WLE) with therapeutic mammoplasty (12th Sept) as have large breasts and needed the reduction for rads. I can honestly say in my case ( before the rads cos im still waiting to start those)that there is no need i have slight reduction of breast tissue on affected side but no dent and at moment dont really need any prosthesis either to fill my bra. Obviously it depends on how and what area of breast they remove lump from mine was in middle of breast very near nipple area and also small so i was “lucky” in that respect. Hope all goes well for you but i’m sure you will get many replies on here to help you eveeryone is so helpful and caring. I wish you well. Hasn’t your breast nurse given you any advice for reconstruction etc give her a call mine has been very helpful.


Hi Small1, I felt quite cross about your post because you don’t seem to have have had much support or information from your hospital. You don’t say how recent your op was but my experience so far is that I have been beseiged by endless information and help. My breast care nurse can be phoned at any time and will get me an appointment with the doctors if necessary.I think you should prehaps be a bit pushy and ask to talk to the surgeon or one of his staff very soon. If they are not available then you might ask your GP to get information.

Good luck Val

Hi Small1

I am posting the number to our helpline where you are very welcome to call for further information and support around your query

The line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

Take care

Hi small1

I was offered fat intentions into my hollow bit. It’s usually brought up about a year after diagnosis when you fonder your annual review. After radiotherapy there can be more shrinkage and they wouldn’t normally want to do any further procedures until at least 6 months post treatment. But you may find some surgeons want to leave it longer. Or you may find you get some swelling initially after rads anyway. I never ended up getting it done. For me although I have a dent I personally still like my boobs and even sunbathed topless for the first time in over 5 years. It’s all to do with body image and how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel.

You may see the procedure referred to as lipofill or fat transfer and basically they take fat from one part of your body ( normally tummy, thighs, back or arms) and inject into your boob. The donor fat sites can be pretty bruised afterwards too.

Go and speak to you BC nurse or surgeon and tell them your concerns.

Good luck
Lulu xx

I haven’t had any luck at all with the bcn, I have left messages 3 times and so far have had a message on my answer machine saying they had tried to call. I had my lumpectomy 3 weeks ago and the dent and wrinkling is quite pronounce. I don’t have any appointments at all which is why I contacted the bcn, I think I am to see the oncologist, then chemo, rads and hormone, but with no appointments it all seems very strange and with 3 kids and a job I could do with being able to plan.

I feel a bit disappointed when I see how positively other people speak of the bcn.

Horray I have spoken to a bcn, I have an onc appt on Monday and they can refer me to see a plastic surgeon once all treatment is finished.

Glad you managed to get something arranged